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Alipay can brush face payment? How to open Alipay face payment?

Alipay accounts for the most in mobile payment. Password payment and fingerprint payment are now available for payment. Then how to open Alipay brush face payment? How to brush face payment?

Alipay rinse face payment method:

1. First log in to the account, find the search button, and enter instant payment, as shown in the figure below

2. The most commonly used instant face payment application is to click in

3. The default instant payment function of the general system is off, let's click to open it immediately

4., I only use my shabby face payment. I need to enter Alipay's binding phone number to verify my identity. The sum of the sum is not more than 500 yuan, the daily limit is 1000 yuan, which greatly guarantees the safety of use.

5. At present, instant noodle payment has not been fully popularized, which is limited to an experience store in Hangzhou.

6. When making payment, you can directly select instant payment, verify the picture on the screen, enter the binding mobile number, and the payment will be successful!

How can Alipay pay for its shabby face? Where does Alipay pay for its face opening? I hope it will help you.