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How long can Fengchao express cabinet store at most? Does Fengchao express cabinet charge more than

now, Fengchao express cabinet has started to move into various communities and office buildings. Is this great invention surprising? But many users will ask such a question: how long can Fengchao express cabinet last at most?

Fengchao express cabinet brings convenience to the community. A small box solves the delivery problem of "the last kilometer" for couriers. At the same time, users can pick up their own express as they like. When the couriers put the express into Fengchao express cabinet, they will input the mobile phone number of the other party. At this time, a verification code for receiving will appear on the recipient's mobile phone. The recipient can use the code Open Fengchao express cabinet and take away your express.

Although Fengchao express cabinet has brought a lot of convenience to users and couriers, there are still many places for users to worry about. Many users have no time to pick up the goods after they put them in Fengchao express cabinet, and they don't know that Fengchao express cabinet can put them for several days to face the situation of charging or express return, so for this situation, Xiaobian will answer for you in detail!

It is said on the Internet that Fengchao express cabinet will charge for more than 24 hours or 48 hours, some even 72 hours, and one yuan will be charged for more than one day, others say that express delivery over 48 hours will be collected by the courier and returned to the post office. In fact, these are not accurate. There will be no charge for Fengchao express cabinet within 24 hours. When the express is placed for more than 24 hours, Fengchao express cabinet will intelligently send a message of "detention express reminder" to remind the recipient to receive the item, which will not have any cost.

So pick up friends, don't worry about the situation that the express will face the charge after 24 hours, but this doesn't mean that all express cabinets don't charge. Express delivery is a free 24-hour express cabinet, which will charge 1 yuan per day for more than 24 hours. There are also fees of 50 cents per day for neighboring treasure, so the charging mode of each express cabinet is different For example, there are many kinds of express cabinets on the market, such as No.1 cabinet, Le stack, bird box, gege warehouse, riririshun Lejia, paisu magic cube, post treasure, Anjie, etc., and their charges are different.

So when users encounter the charging of Fengchao express cabinet, you may encounter a fake Fengchao express cabinet. You can see clearly the name of the express cabinet and then make a choice. The genuine Fengchao express cabinet does not charge any fee. You don't need to worry about the problem that Fengchao express cabinet can be put for several days. Only if the storage time is too long, the courier will retrieve the express and then contact the addressee by phone If you can't get in touch, you will send the express back to the sender. As for the return time, it usually takes about 5 days. If you can't get in touch with the recipient within 5 days, it's reasonable to be returned, but it's definitely not the case that the online spread will charge or return more than 24 hours.