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Fan weiqi and Zhang Shaohan's personal enmity why is fan weiqi and Zhang Shaohan at odds?

According to Taiwan media reports, Zhang Shaohan and fan weiqi (fan fan) have not been in a good relationship with each other since 2010. Her popularity in the program singer 2018 has soared again recently. Unexpectedly, the resentment between the two people has been moved out of the stage again, and a large number of sour people have poured into fan Weibo to scold. In the face of netizens washing up, fan fan rarely made a counterattack and responded by leaving a message in person, hoping that everyone would not be affected by the false and slandered news. So what is their personal grudge? Why does Zhang Shaohan and fan Weiqi disagree? It's sad that their sisters turned against each other in the past.

When fan fan went to Kangxi in 2015, he accidentally broke out a rumor that he and Zhang Shaohan were trying to fight for film resources and the throne of the first sister in 2010, which led to a debate between fans on both sides. Afterwards, when Chen Jianzhou [Weibo] was asked about the matter, he said that there was a misunderstanding between the two women, but it was not a big deal. 'their views on each other were learned from others and spread, More misunderstandings. '

In September 2017, Zhang Shaohan and fan Weiqi recorded "guessing with masked singing", but in the interview, they said they would not try fan Weiqi's' big white 'clothes, so that the past resentment of the two people could be found out again. Later, the post was speculated by the media as fan fan. At that time, she couldn't bear to post a response. "I don't explain that it doesn't mean I have to do it, but don't Scribble about the guidance All right?

Recently, Zhang Shaohan appeared on the program "singer 2018" and her popularity rose again due to her brilliant performance. Unexpectedly, she had no rumors with fan Weiqi before, but was turned over by netizens again. Not only that, but also a large number of sour people came to fan fan's microblog to scold him. In the face of the sudden scolding, fan fan Po took a photo with a pair of twins and shouted with positive energy, "with you, mom is not afraid of anything!" although there is no clear meaning, there are still many netizens speculate, perhaps related to sour people's malicious message.

Not only that, in the face of netizens' sour message, 'I praised all those who scolded you. 'Christine Fan had no choice but to fight back and say,' it seems that you are very idle … do not give away. 'another netizen said,' I heard a lot of bad news about you '. Fan fan also responded in person,' I hope you don't be affected by the fake slander. '

What personal grudges do Zhang Shaohan and fan Weiqi have?

Zhang Shaohan and fan Weiqi were the same age and the same company before, so they had a very good relationship. They also sang together, but they became strangers because of some resource problems.

Before, netizens said that Zhang Shaohan's fame was far greater than fan Weiqi's before the lawsuit with his biological mother, so Zhang had the upper hand in the whole war. For example, Tianya and Douban have many posts to recall that because Zhang Shaohan's fans scold fan weiqi, and fan Weiqi is angry, he asked his agent, Yan Yan, to send a private letter to the fans to scold them back. I didn't expect that the screenshot of Yan Yan's chat private letter streamed to the Internet. Fan Weiqi was once again grabbed by Han Fan and scolded in a mess.

When fan fan went to Kangxi in 2015, he accidentally exposed the rumors that he and Zhang Shaohan broke their faces in 2010 to fight for the film resources and the throne of the first sister, which led to a debate between fans of both sides. At that time, 'fan Weiqi scolded Zhang Shaohan' became a hot topic. When Chen Jianzhou was asked about it afterwards, he confessed that there was a misunderstanding between the two, but it was not a big deal. 'their views on each other were all learned from other people's mouths, and there were more misunderstandings when they came and went'.

Since 2010, the rumor that Zhang Shaohan and fan Weiqi were not in harmony began to ferment.

In those days, when they sang "what if" together, they had a good relationship with the senior sister and sister of the company.

Zhang Shaohan's assistant and fan Weiqi's assistant are a couple. Originally, a Wei was Zhang Shaohan's assistant, and his wife Rouge was fan Weiqi's assistant. After that, Zhang Shaohan retired from the entertainment circle in 2008 due to heart disease. Fan Weiqi poaches Ah Wei.

On Ah Wei's birthday in 2011, fan Weiqi used the sentences in the Bible on her microblog to satirize Zhang Shaohan for being bad to assistant Ah Wei.

In 2015, fan Weiqi's early satire that Zhang Shaohan didn't go to university was picked out by netizens, and the two became the focus of public opinion.

On July 22, 2015, Zhang Shaohan published a long microblog, confessing that when facing grievances and setbacks, he chose to face them firmly, 'I just don't want you to sympathize with me'!

In addition, she also said generously, "let's forget the unhappy past" and hope to seize every day, "because yesterday is far away from you, just a process, tomorrow is today's dream".

In 2017, both sides participated in singing programs at the same time, and the past resentment was once again discussed by netizens.

When Zhang Shaohan was interviewed backstage, when he was asked about the modeling that he would not try even if he was killed, he directly pointed out the big white modeling of fan fan's day, and asked: why?