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Fan Bingbing: how to wash hair

Recently, Fan Ye's shampooing method became so popular that many cute girls began to imitate it. Fan Ye is not only good at skin and hair, but also enviable for his dark and thick black hair. However, Fan Bingbing is a slacker in private. He often does not wash his hair for 8 days and 10 days.

In an interview with "Kangxi is here", he once said that since living with Li Chen, he often dislikes him, because it will taste if he doesn't wash his hair for a long time, and Li Chen urges me to wash my hair when he hears it.

It turns out that Fan Bingbing's Secret script for hair washing is based on the following order: ① dry apply Conditioner & rarr; ② Shampoo & rarr; ③ wash hair & rarr; ④ apply conditioner and cooperate with massage.

What's more, the most important thing is that don't blow dry your hair immediately after you wash it! It turns out that the knitting has fallen into a hole! It has been ignored for 20 years! How about you fairies?