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Fat five launch success what does fat five launch success mean

At 20:45 Beijing time on December 27, China successfully launched the practice 20 satellite with a long March 5 remote-3 rocket at the Wenchang space launch site. The satellite successfully entered the predetermined orbit and the mission was a complete success. This indicates that the Chinese people have finally mastered the technology of heavy rockets.

@Our space shared this exciting scene. After the successful launch of fat five, an exciting line was written on the screen of the measurement and development Hall of Wenchang launch base: our journey is the sea of stars!

In order to celebrate the successful launch, the base also prepared a huge cake!

Scientists and researchers who devote themselves to the aerospace industry also use poems to show their romantic feelings as astronauts.

Qinyuan Spring & middot; expedition to the sea of stars

Author: Mr. Zhao

The vast starry sky, the profit and loss of the sun and moon, and the loss of the sun and moon

Looking at the Milky Way rolling, the magpie bridge can be crossed, the toad palace is delicate, and the e-woman lives in Lang

The sky is misty, the stars are shining, and the beautiful home is out of town

Boundless, ambitious and dare to take responsibility

The long march rocket was high, and the Mozi successfully realized its dream voyage

The heavenly palace has been built, there is a space station, China pursues, and kissing is publicized

With the moon setting, Chang'e and Mars in sight, we are busy pursuing our dreams in space

In the future, go to the sea of stars and soar in nine days!