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What is the game Qin Feng played in Chinatown detective 2? Does this game exist? Can you download it

The game Qin Feng played in Chinatown detective 2 is very interesting and also promotes the development and pulse of the movie. For those who love the game, they really want to play it. Does the game exist in real life? Can they download it?

The game Qin Feng played in Chinatown detective 2 exists in reality, but it has not been launched in China at present, so we can only briefly introduce this game to all netizens. This game is the software that can participate in the world famous detective competition. If there is a strong interest in detective, it is recommended to pay attention to this software online at all times.

The movie "Chinatown detective 2" is in hot release. Since the beginning of the movie, there has been a world detective ranking and an app, which makes many viewers wonder whether the app detective game really exists. What's the game Qin Feng played when he picked up a bag of Chinatown detective 2 for everyone?

After the first successful introduction of the two main characters, detective 2 begins to show its view of "detective". In the movie, detectives from any country or region can join the "world famous detective list" by solving cases. The origin of the story of detective Tang 2 is the world famous detective competition in New York.

In "Chinatown detective", Qin Feng and Tang Ren broke into Thailand, while in "Chinatown detective 2", they wanted to break out of Asia and break into New York.

In a world famous detective competition, we competed with detectives from the United States, Japan, Argentina, India and other countries. "Chinatown detective 2" held a world detective competition this time, and introduced a very novel concept, crister.

This crisster is very modern. It has not only information, but also its own app. Of course, the real world doesn't exist. It's an app made up of movies.

I'd like to apply for a crimaster membership card, which is so cool. I also want to have a copy of it!! are you already full of expectations for this game?