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How can I refund the deposit for Moby bike? Process of refund of deposit for Mobai bicycle

Moby bike app is currently the most popular app for public bicycles. Moby bike app provides users with very convenient short-distance travel tools. But do you know how to refund the bike deposit? Detailed procedures for refund of deposit of Mobai bicycle.

How can I refund the deposit for Moby bike?

The deposit in the app is ready to be refunded at any time. In my wallet, I find the refund button. After clicking, I confirm that the deposit is returned to the WeChat payment or Alipay account used at the time of the recharge.

The following are the detailed steps for the refund of the motorcycle deposit:

1. Open Moby bike app. If it has been uninstalled, you need to download and install it again.

2. After opening the Moby bike client, click the menu button in the upper left corner (the icon of three horizontal lines).

3. After entering the personal page, click "my wallet". (if you are not logged in, you also need to use your mobile number to log in).

4. Next, click the "deposit refund" option at the bottom of the page (below the recharge button).

5. Next is the prompt page, which prompts you that the refund will arrive in the account within 1-7 working days. Click the "refund deposit" button here.

6. Next is the successful refund page. Click "confirm".

Notes for refunding deposit of Mobai bicycle:

After refunding the deposit, you will not be able to use the bike. If you need to use it again, you need to pay the deposit again.