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BMW drivers blocked 10 parking spaces and asked others to apologize to her

Early on the morning of December 19, when Mr. Zhang in Guiyang was going to work, he found that his car parked in the community parking lot was blocked by a BMW for more than 20 hours. Until the next morning, he couldn't find the owner of the BMW.

On the evening of December 18, he parked his car in the mechanical parking space of the underground parking lot of the community, but the next morning, he found that his car was blocked by a BMW. The BMW with Inner Mongolia license plate parked in an empty space without mechanical devices, but there was no contact information left on the car.

Mr. Zhang: I found my car blocked when I picked it up. This position is not a parking space at all. It is an empty space for mechanical parking. Once he stops like this, he blocks 10 parking spaces. My car can't get out and other cars can't get in.

After the incident, Mr. Zhang went to the property management company to call the police, but there was no way to solve the matter. From December 19 to the morning of December 20, Mr. Zhang has not been able to contact the owner of the car for more than 24 hours.

Mr. Zhang told reporters that he was an online car Hailing driver. The time when the car was blocked completely delayed his work. Mr. Zhang hopes that the other party can move the car away as soon as possible and compensate him.

After several twists and turns, the reporter finally contacted Ms. Bao, the owner of the BMW, but she told the reporter that the car was not used by herself, but lent to a friend.

Ms. Bao promised to help contact the friend, but the reporter waited at the scene for more than half an hour, and Ms. Bao never contacted this person. After waiting in the property management office for more than an hour, the property management company finally contacted the driver who used the car.

At 1 o'clock that afternoon, the driver who parked in the wrong parking space finally came to the underground parking lot.

The woman driver said she didn't know that she couldn't stop at this position and didn't notice whether she blocked other vehicles when parking.

After understanding the situation, the female driver said she was willing to make some financial compensation to Mr. Zhang, but she asked Mr. Zhang to apologize to her.

Female driver: 'but you have to apologize for this. Because you don't respect me. "

Mr. Zhang: 'you blocked my car. Do you disrespect me or do I disrespect you?'

Female driver: 'but you just don't respect me. I can apologize to you. You tell me whether you accept it or not.'

Mr. Zhang: 'what does the reporter's interview have to do with me?'

Female driver: 'you brought them here.' You can find security. "

Reporter: 'he has already looked for it.'

Female driver: 'if you don't find him, you can't find me, but you shouldn't say to expose it.'

Obviously, the female driver is very reluctant to face the reporter's lens. For the sake of facilitating their negotiation, the reporter left the scene. Subsequently, Mr. Zhang told reporters that after negotiation, the female driver finally agreed to compensate Mr. Zhang 350 yuan and move the car away.

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