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Where is the production date of the battery? The service life is usually a few years

Electric vehicles generally use batteries, but batteries are usually difficult to use for a period of time. For example, how long is the general service life of batteries when they can't be charged or use electricity too fast?

The production date of some batteries is marked by numbers. For example, 121017 was produced on October 12, 2017. Now, this date is relatively new.

Some batteries need to be carefully identified when checking the production date. For example, battery 4h3116081, the first representative of the year of production, 4 is the year of production in 2014. H is August (starting from a, a is January); 31 represents the 31st. The last is random coding.

Some car batteries have laser codes on them, such as 20171123041a, which were produced on November 23, 2017, which is easier to identify.

Pay attention to check the production date of the battery. The label on the packaging box is inaccurate. You should still pay attention to the label on the battery. It must be code sprayed, and the pasted date is not good.

To buy a car battery, you'd better go to a regular car maintenance shop. The quality of such a battery is guaranteed.

Pay attention to the price of batteries when buying batteries. Many batteries that are too cheap are second-hand or 80% new, and their service life is relatively short. Generally, the price of 12v70ah car batteries is about 500, and it can be about 100 cheaper to trade in old batteries for new ones.