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IOS 13.3 official release what has been updated in IOS 13.3 official release?

Original title: Apple officially released IOS 13.3: optimizing wireless charging and increasing parental control

In the early morning of December 11, Beijing time, more than a month has passed since the official update of IOS / ipados 13.2. Today, apple officially released IOS / ipados 13.2 3 and tvos 13.3 and watchos 6.1 1 system update. In addition to general improvements and bug fixes, this update adds more parental controls and call restrictions on the 'screen usage time' of iPhone and iPad, and is optimized for wireless charging.

The specific updates of IOS 13.3 are as follows:

IOS 13.3 includes improvements and bug fixes, and adds more parental controls in 'screen usage time'.

Screen usage time

The new parental control provides more communication restrictions, which can limit the objects children can contact by phone, 'FaceTime call' or 'information'

Parents can manage the contacts displayed on their children's devices through their children's contact list

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This update also includes bug fixes and other improvements:

You can create a new video clip when you trim a video in 'photos'

Support for security keys for NFC, USB and flash fido2 has been added to safari browser

Fixed a problem where 'mail' might not be able to download new messages

Solved the problem that the Gmail account cannot delete messages

Resolved issues that may cause messages in your exchange account to display incorrect characters and send messages repeatedly

Fixed the problem that the cursor may not move after long pressing the spacebar

The problem that may cause the screen capture sent through 'message' to become blurred has been solved

Solved the problem that screenshots after clipping or using 'tag' may not be stored in 'photos'

Fixed a problem where voice memo recording might not be shared with other audio apps

Solved the problem that the missed call flag of the 'phone' app may not be cleared

Solved the problem that the 'cellular data' setting may be incorrectly displayed as off

Fixed the problem that 'dark' mode cannot be turned off when 'smart reversal' is enabled

The problem that the charging speed of some wireless chargers may be slower than expected is solved