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What's the matter with the smell of gasoline in the car? Why

Many car owners say that there is always a smell of gasoline in their cars, which is very pungent and unpleasant. What's the matter with gasoline in their cars? What are the reasons? Let's take a look

What's the matter with the smell of gasoline in the car? Why?

1. Aging of rubber pipeline of gasoline purification carbon canister:

The rubber parts in the engine compartment are easy to age when the vehicle is older. The carbon canister is connected to the throttle valve with a rubber pipe. As long as it is aged, it may leak to the engine compartment. The rubber pipe needs to be replaced in time.

2. Leakage at gasoline pipe interface:

If the gasoline pipe leaks, the smell of gasoline may enter the car along the air conditioning system. Leakage is generally at the interface between pipelines. Open the engine compartment cover and judge by visual inspection, because once leakage occurs, a layer of oil sludge will appear on the surface over a long time. Fastening and repair are required.

3. Poor sealing performance after disassembly and assembly of gasoline pump:

Some car owners may change the gasoline pump or disassemble the gasoline pump, and the gasoline smell in the car may be caused by the residue not cleaned after disassembly. It is best to go to the repair shop to check whether the gasoline pump is installed correctly. Generally, the disassembly and assembly of the gasoline pump will be involved only when it is replaced or related faults occur. The replacement cycle of gasoline pump is about 100000 km.

4. The car is too full:

If the oil is too full, the car is easy to smell gasoline. If the pipeline in the activated carbon tank system enters gasoline, these liquid fuels enter the carbon tank, which will not only endanger the carbon tank itself, but also flow into the air inlet along the pipeline, causing the spark plug to 'drown', resulting in the serious consequence that the car stalls when refuelling until it cannot be started.