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Boys and girls knew early that the accuracy rate of symptom self-test of 2017 boys and girls was as

Recently, in the circle of friends, there is a magic drug that can control the birth of boys and girls. Anyway, I don't believe it. In fact, it can be seen from the physical and physiological changes of expectant mothers during pregnancy. How to judge whether the baby is a man or a woman? Let's know with the editor. However, the article is only for reference. No matter the boy or the girl, they are all the hard work of the mother's October pregnancy. They should be paid attention to!

1. Look at the shape of the pregnant mother's belly

Boys and girls who have two children know that the first way is to see the shape of the belly when the pregnant mother has a baby. According to the summary of experience, pregnant mothers usually have boys if their stomachs are sharp and big. If their stomachs are round like a ball, they are girls. The accuracy of this judgment is quite high!

2. Look at the fetal movement of the baby during pregnancy

Baby boy and baby girl are very different. Baby boy is lively. He likes to move around from left to right. Sometimes he holds his little fist or feet to drum up small bags on his mother's belly. Girls are different. Girls are quiet. If they move, they are all around their mother's navel, and they will pout up their little butts and face you shyly.

3. Look at the memory changes of pregnant mothers

The little s, who has three daughters, once mentioned in Kangxi's coming that her memory has deteriorated a lot since she became pregnant. Boys and girls who have two children know that there is a scientific basis to see the memory changes of pregnant mothers! Researchers found that pregnant mothers with boys have better memory and hearing than pregnant mothers with girls.

4. Look at the appetite preferences of pregnant mothers

As the saying goes, 'sour and hot girls', the change of appetite of expectant mothers during pregnancy is also one of the judgment bases for boys and girls of second birth. If a pregnant mother becomes fond of eating sour and salty food and has a large appetite, it is likely to have a baby boy. Pregnant mothers who are pregnant with a baby girl usually like to eat spicy or taste heavy food.

5. Look at the body shape change of the pregnant mother

Boys and girls have known for a long time that it's very accurate to see the body shape changes of pregnant mothers. If the weight that pregnant mothers gain during pregnancy is mainly concentrated in the abdomen, that is, the upper half of the body, the possibility of having a boy is very high. If the buttocks and thighs change a lot and the abdomen looks smaller, it's the baby girl.

6. Look at the shape of pregnancy line of pregnant mother -- straight, thin and long pregnant boy

According to the shape and length of the pregnancy line above the navel of the pregnant mother, it can be known as early as possible for boys and girls to have a second child! According to the survey and statistics, the pregnancy line of the pregnant mother is straight and thin, and the length directly reaches between the two breasts in front of the chest is pregnant with boys. And the pregnancy line is thicker and more right is the female baby.

7. The degree of response of pregnant mother to early pregnancy

It is said that girls are mother's little cotton padded jacket, and they are more likely to love their mother, so if the pregnant mother's reaction in the early pregnancy is relatively light, the baby in the belly is likely to be a close little princess. But the early pregnancy reaction is very fierce, in nine out of ten is the male baby.

8. Look at the change of breast of pregnant mother

British experts say that if a pregnant mother is pregnant with a female baby, the change in chest circumference is relatively large, while the opposite is true for a male baby. It is also said that the black nipples of expectant mothers during pregnancy, and a large areola are pregnant with male babies.

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