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The harm of mobile phone addiction how to get rid of mobile phone dependence?

With the popularity of electronic products, many people are addicted to mobile phones. It's very important that mobile phones don't leave their body no matter where they go. Frequent use of mobile phones does great harm to the body, which not only causes vision loss, but also makes sleep worse. Let's take a look at the ways to quit mobile phone addiction.

Harm of mobile phone addiction

Eye injury, spine suffering.

Staring at the mobile phone screen for a long time is easy to lead to blurred vision and dry eye. If children continue to use the mobile phone for more than 2 hours every day, their vision may drop from 1.0 to 0.5 after 3 months. Lowering your head for a long time will compress the spine, cause scoliosis or neck, head and shoulder pain, and prone to bad posture such as bow, waist and hunchback. A British survey found that 84% of young people aged 18-24 suffer neck and back pain because of playing with mobile phones.

Poor sleep and reduced efficiency.

Looking at the mobile phone before going to bed will hinder the production of melatonin, disrupt work and rest, lead to poor sleep quality, and can't face work with full enthusiasm the next day. University of Michigan research shows that just sending a text message at work will increase the number of mistakes. This is especially true for students. Mobile phones will keep people in a multitasking state. In the long run, there will be problems such as attention disorder, which will affect children's creativity and learning ability.

Blood pressure rises and heart rate increases.

British experts pointed out that mobile phone dependence is also an Internet addiction, which will affect cardiovascular and cerebrovascular health. Researchers at the University of Swansea in the UK studied 144 people aged 18-33 and found that addiction to the Internet can increase blood pressure by 4% and heart rate by 10%, leading to anxiety and low immunity.

Disconnect from society and increase loneliness. The furthest distance in the world is that I'm by your side, but you're playing with your mobile phone. This ridicule is a true portrayal of the bow head clan. Zhu tingshao pointed out that people who often play mobile phones lack face-to-face communication and contact, are easy to be disconnected from society, and have a doubled sense of loneliness. Constantly playing with mobile phones will also make others feel lack of sincerity. Especially for infants, their language is constantly strengthened through imitation and parental correction. Often playing mobile phones is easy to slow their language development and communication barriers.

Distracted, the rate of car accidents increased greatly.

Using mobile phones on the road is the most dangerous. The study found that staring at the screen, his arms and hands seemed to be locked, and his walking speed decreased, looking like a robot. At this time, people will not only ignore observing the surrounding traffic conditions, but also it is difficult to maintain physical balance, which increases the risk of traffic accidents by 43%, and driving to answer and make calls will reduce the driver's attention by 37%.

Do you have cell phone dependence?

Did you play with your cell phone while you were eating? Did you play with your cell phone while walking? Do you always want to surf the Internet, watch movies, chat, play games and brush the circle of friends with your mobile phone? Whether the mobile phone rings or not, whether it's on or not, will you take it over and have a look in a few minutes or more? If the mobile phone is not around, will you feel difficult to sit and stand?

If you have all these symptoms, you have developed 'mobile phone dependence'. According to the analysis of doctors, once the mobile phone has no power or forgets to bring the mobile phone, there will be all kinds of psychological and even physiological discomfort. They must keep the machine in hand in order to get a sense of security.

Doctors said that long-term overuse of mobile phones will cause varying degrees of physical and psychological symptoms. Symptoms of physical diseases include eye pain, blurred vision, visual fatigue, dry eyes and astringent eyes; Neck pain, shoulder stiffness, neck pain, finger numbness, low back pain; Restlessness, unstable sleep, insomnia, depression, listlessness, irritability, etc.

How to quit cell phone addiction?

1. Reduce the time when the mobile phone is used as a working tool

If something important comes to you, they will call! Instead of wasting a lot of attention for 'second back' those non urgent information, it's better to turn off the new message reminder of wechat and microblog. At work, use QQ and email without guarding your mobile phone. Chat with your boyfriend and girlfriend or make jokes with your friends, and reply intensively during the rest time.

2. Open the disturbance free function for wechat messages

Many people have all kinds of groups. Some groups are very active, with constant news every day, and some local people send red envelopes from time to time. Constantly checking the group news and grabbing a few red envelopes will only affect our lives. It is recommended to streamline the owned groups and open the non working group 'message without interruption'. The official account of public interest is read in leisure time.

3. Better make an appointment than brush a circle of friends

If you don't brush the circle of friends every day, I'm afraid you can't keep up with the rhythm of your friends. But when you are used to not looking at the circle of friends, you will find that what you miss is irrelevant news. If you really care about a friend's current situation, it's good to open his circle of friends occasionally, but a better way is to make an appointment to get together, which can enhance feelings.

4. Learn to disconnect yourself

During the time when you need to focus on work and accompany your family, it is recommended that you disconnect yourself from the network and turn on the no disturb function on your mobile phone (several important calls can be listed in the white list). Put down your cell phone, chat with your parents, cook and walk with your friends, read and play games with your children. Face to face communication and communication with loved ones is the real happiness and beauty.

5. Delete infrequently used software

Delete some infrequently used applications. Too many apps such as shopping, travel, financial management, games, wechat and QQ will affect the running speed of mobile phones. For push information, if it is useless to us, it is interference. We can selectively shield or cancel attention.

6. Don't touch your cell phone before getting up early and going to bed

Before going to bed and waking up in the morning are the most prone periods of mobile phone dependence, so we should remind you not to play with mobile phones, do not play with mobile phones, do not play with mobile phones!