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Youxin Jing Wenbing resignation Jing Wenbing resignation reason and personal data

News on December 3: on December 2, Youxin group announced that Jing Wenbing, the company's Chief Strategic Officer, resigned for personal reasons. During his tenure, he was mainly responsible for the company's loan related business.

Dai Kun, chairman and CEO of Youxin group, said: 'as my best friend and important working partner for many years, Wenbing has accompanied the rapid development of Youxin and made indispensable contributions to the company. Thank him for his sincerity, talent and dedication, and sincerely wish him every success in the future. "

Jing Wenbing said: 'I sincerely thank Youxin and Dai Kun for their support and help to me these days. Youxin has led the transformation of the used car industry. I am very proud to be one of them and have made so many brilliant achievements with my partners. Youxin has also witnessed my youth and growth. I feel very reluctant to part with you when I leave. Thank you for your blessings. I also wish Youxin continuous innovation, steady progress, the same desire from top to bottom, and better and better. "

Introduction to Youxin group:

During his tenure, Jing Wenbing was mainly responsible for the company's loan related business. Up to now, Youxin has approved Jing Wenbing's resignation application.

Jing Wenbing joined Youxin in 2011 and served as its chief strategy officer. From 2015 to 2016, Mr. Jing served as vice president and general manager of marketing department of Uxin auction. From 2011 to 2015, Mr. Jing served as vice president and general manager of Uxin auction South China business. From 2007 to 2014, Mr. Jing worked in [new world, stock bar] group and accumulated experience in platform trade industry. Mr. Jing has a master of law degree from Cardiff University.

Founded in 2011, Youxin group is a comprehensive service provider for used car trading in China. Using Internet and mobile Internet technology, Youxin is committed to promoting the progress and healthy growth of the whole used car industry. Youxin has been building an 'open, fair, just and transparent' used car trading service platform with dedicated, pure, honest and valuable craftsman thinking and innovative spirit. It has many sub businesses such as B2B used car online trading platform youxinpai, B2C used car trading platform Youxin used car, Youxin data and Youxin new car. Youxin group has a one-stop service capability across the second-hand car industry chain, and can fully meet the transaction needs of all parties in the second-hand car transaction.