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Trump team blocked Bloomberg, trump team refused to grant Bloomberg interview qualification

[Trump's team blocked Bloomberg] on December 2 local time, US President Trump's campaign said that it would no longer issue interview cards to Bloomberg News reporters because the boss of the news agency is democratic presidential candidate Michael Bloomberg.

It is reported that Trump's campaign manager Pascal Le pointed out in a statement that he refused to grant interview qualification because Bloomberg had decided not to grant interview qualification to his leader and US Democratic candidate Michael & bull; Bloomberg reports on the investigation.

Paskale said in a statement: "in view of their blatant prejudice, trump headquarters will no longer grant Bloomberg reporters the qualification to cover rallies and other activities. Unless Bloomberg changes its decision, this policy of trump headquarters will remain unchanged. "

After Bloomberg officially announced its candidacy for president, the news agency said that it would no longer report the Democratic Party candidates, including Bloomberg, critically, but would continue to report trump.

It is reported that the interview card can make it easier for journalists to get in and out of election rallies and other occasions before the U.S. general election in November 2020.