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Red rice mobile phone is exploded and spontaneously ignited. What causes the mobile phone to spontan

Xiaomi Hongmi mobile phone was exploded and spontaneously ignited. Hongmi mobile phone brand has always been famous for its high cost performance, but the safety problem is also a point that consumers attach great importance to.

According to surging news reports, some Xiaomi users reported that the red rice mobile phone they bought had a 'spontaneous combustion' incident.

It is reported that this mobile phone was purchased by the user for his father and has been used for more than three months. At the time of the incident, the mobile phone was not charged and was playing video. Spontaneous combustion led to the burning of the mobile phone and quilt.

According to Xiaomi's after-sales customer service, the spontaneous combustion of this mobile phone is caused by external reasons, not quality problems. However, Xiaomi has not issued a detailed identification report.

It is reported that previously, an Indian user's red rice note 7S also spontaneously ignited.

Hongmi note 7pro was launched in March this year at a price of 1399 yuan. According to the information on the official website, this mobile phone is equipped with a 4000mAh battery, a snapdragon 675 processor and an 18 month warranty.

According to industry insiders, in addition to the quality problems of the mobile phone itself, external conditions such as sun exposure, overcharge, physical damage and battery wading may also cause spontaneous combustion or explosion of the mobile phone.