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The Lakers have won ten consecutive victories and 14 in a single month, regaining the glory of the d

On November 30, Beijing time, the Lakers beat the Wizards 125-103 at home, rising to 17-2.

Throughout November, the Lakers achieved a record of 14-1 and are now playing a wave of 10 consecutive victories. Led by LeBron and Davis this season, the strength of the Lakers has given them the glory of the past dynasty.

This is also the first time since 2000 that the Lakers have played such a high winning rate in a single month. The last time was in March 2000, the Lakers won 15-1 in a single month. That was the beginning of OK group's peak and three consecutive titles.

This is the ninth time in the history of the Lakers to win 14 games a month. The previous eight games occurred in 1961-62, 1962-63, 1971-72, 1985-86, 1990-91 and 1990-2000 seasons respectively. In these precedents, the Lakers did not accidentally reach the finals. As for whether the record can be maintained this year, it depends on the play of LeBron and bushy eyebrow.

The last time the Lakers won 10 games in a row, it was back in December 2009, that is, ten years ago. Kobe is still at his peak, and the Lakers won the championship that season.

The downturn in recent years seems that the public has not fully adapted to the reality that the Lakers have returned to the peak, but now this devastating record and the gorgeous data of LeBron and Davis do announce the return of Showtime.

There has been a saying circulating in the League for many years, that is, 'a good NBA for the Lakers is a better NBA'. This year, the NBA ratings are low, and many heavyweight stars are injured and retired. The Lakers really have the meaning of carrying a handle.