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What brand of sheep milk powder is good? Introduction to the ranking of the top ten sheep milk powde

After discovering that the calcium content of goat milk is higher than that of milk, many people began to drink goat milk powder. So what brand has a good reputation for the quality of so many goat milk powder brands in the world? Here are ten excellent sheep milk powder brands for your reference:

First: kerikan Karicare Goat milk powder

Keruikang Karicare sheep milk powder is the only sheep milk powder brand in New Zealand and Australia. With a brand history of more than 100 years, it can be called the ancestor of sheep milk powder in the world.

Keruikang sheep milk powder comes from pure New Zealand. It tastes light and mellow without fishy smell.

Keruikang sheep milk powder is very popular with domestic mothers. It is a very mature and professional sheep milk powder brand.

Second: Dutch version of jiabeite kabrita sheep milk powder

Jiabeiaite sheep milk powder is a professional sheep milk powder brand under haipunuokai group. It has 121 years of experience in the production of sheep milk R & D, and its products cover 66 countries and regions in the world. Jiabeiaite sheep milk powder comes from the Netherlands and is one of the world-renowned golden milk sources.

At present, the common jiabeiaite sheep milk powder on the market is divided into domestic version and Dutch version. There are differences in formula and regulatory standards between them, so they can't be mixed for children.

Third: nannycare sheep milk powder

Nannycare nanickel is a high-end goat milk powder brand in the UK and the only goat milk powder in the UK market.

The UK has the strictest management on the infant milk powder Market in the world. There are only five milk powder on the market, and nannycare goat milk powder is one of them.

Nanikale nannycare is produced by kerikan factory in New Zealand, from the same production line, and the milk source is also from New Zealand. Except for a few differences in formula, nanikale sheep milk powder in Britain is basically the same as kerikan, and mothers can choose at will.

Fourth: German blue planet bambinchen organic sheep milk powder

Blue planet bambinchen is a famous organic sheep milk powder brand in Germany and the only sheep milk powder in Germany. It is only sold in the local market in Germany. Like nanikle sheep milk powder in Britain, German blue planet organic sheep milk powder is also produced by kerikan company in New Zealand, and the milk source is also from New Zealand.

The sheep milk powder production technology of kerikon factory is very recognized by Germans and Brits. Compared with the above three goat milk powder, German blue planet goat milk powder has higher cost performance, which is inseparable from the strong subsidies of the German government.

Fifth: karotani sheep milk powder

It is produced by dairy goat co operative (NZ) Ltd (DGC). DGC was established in 1984 and produced the world's first can of infant formula sheep milk powder in 1988.

Karotani infant formula sheep milk powder is 100% from the original cans of New Zealand to China. It controls the product quality from the source, keeps improving, and gives the purest and most natural care to the baby.

Sixth: BEIBI Buyang milk powder

Beibibu infant formula sheep milk powder originates from New Zealand and is a private brand produced by xinyimei International Co., Ltd. in the whole industrial chain.

Xinyimei's own goat pasture milk source has brought raw material guarantee to beibibu; Xinyimei Auckland wet mixing production process further improves the quality assurance of beibibu.

BEIBI Buyang milk powder products continue to sell well in Dalian lock supermarkets in New Zealand, which is the confidence guarantee of consumers.

Seventh: kangweiduo sheep milk powder

Triscom B V。 Its well-known infant milk powder brand enjoys an excellent reputation of "high-quality infant basic stage milk powder" in the Netherlands, and has always been among the top six infant milk powder sales in the Netherlands,

In 2004, it obtained the honorary certificate of 'consumer trust brand of Dutch infant food' Primavita 'translated into Chinese is' quality life'.

Eighth: Australian bubs (Belle) sheep milk powder

Bubs is a high-end infant food brand in Australia. The company was founded in 2005 and focuses on high-end sheep milk powder, all natural non added organic rice flour and organic fruit paste supplementary food products.

The company has organic bubs supplementary food series and bubs Baby Organic sheep milk powder series. Bubs infant food is sold in more than 2000 retail stores in Australia.

No. 9: macarone maxigenes goat milk powder in Australia

Maxigenes MECO Zhuo goat high calcium milk powder contains unique EGF growth factor, which can quickly repair aging skin cells and make skin healthy, white and tender.

The immunoglobulin content of maxigenes mecodel goat high calcium milk powder is very high, which can enhance the resistance. The goat milk is very rich in vitamin C, vitamin E and magnesium, which can promote the synthesis of collagen, make the skin tender and elastic, relieve the pressure, prevent the oxidation of unsaturated fatty acids in the body and delay the aging of the skin. In the face of intense work and heavy pressure, drinking a cup of goat's milk every day can help relieve mental pressure and give the mind and body a chance to recuperate.

No. 10: Namyang sheep milk powder

Namyang goat milk powder, also known as' Nanyang goat milk powder ', is an infant formula more suitable for Asian babies' physique developed by Nanyang dairy Central Research Institute of South Korea after years of experiments.

Nanyang dairy of South Korea ensures the quality stability and safety of all milk powder through cutting-edge unmanned automation system and perfect safety management and testing system.

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