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Gao Yixiang died unexpectedly in an episode of 150000 friendship price recording program

Original title: it is revealed that Gao Yixiang recorded an episode of "chase me" and only took 150000 as the price of friendship

In the early morning of November 27, Taiwanese artist Gao Yixiang suddenly fainted while recording the variety show "chase me". After three hours of rescue, he died at the age of 35. The program team and Gao Yixiang's brokerage company sent a document to confirm the news.

The recording program had such a big accident that netizens blamed the program group one after another. According to Taiwan media reports, Gao Yixiang used to record a variety show in the mainland with a remuneration of about NT $1-1.5 million (about NT $230000-340000). This time, at the invitation of Huang Jingyu, a regular team of chase me, he recorded the program at a friendship price of NT $660000 (RMB 150000). Unexpectedly, a pity happened.

On the same day, he endured a low temperature of 9 degrees and carried out an extreme challenge. The purpose is to let the audience see his hard work and dedication, but let him lose a precious life in his prime of life.

With Gao Yixiang's death confirmed, netizens are reluctant to part with it. At present, Gao Yixiang's girlfriend and family have come to Zhejiang for the first time, and it is expected that Gao Yixiang's body will be transported to Taiwan tomorrow.

It is reported that Bella, Gao Yixiang's girlfriend who has been dating for three years, is an outsider. Last year, it was revealed that the two of them had been secretly engaged. It is reported that Bella, the outsider's girlfriend, was originally named Su Xianghan, with a prominent family background and a sweet looking rich second generation. On the 15th of this month, Gao Yixiang and his girlfriend were also photographed by netizens. They showed up in Los Angeles to attend a friend party, and also revealed that they were helping their girlfriend move to celebrate, but they didn't expect to be separated for half a month.

Chase me is an urban night running competition program launched by Zhejiang satellite TV, which premiered on November 8. According to sofrey's ratings Statistics (csm59), on November 8, the ratings of the first issue of "chase me" reached 0.923%, which is the champion in the self-organized program in the evening. However, according to informed sources, "chase me" is the main program of Zhejiang satellite TV this quarter and the focus of publicity, but the ratings have not been brought up.

I hope Gao Yixiang goes well all the way!