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What are the symptoms of children's accumulated food fever? Self test of baby's accumulated food sym

For children around one year old, the most common disease is a fever with accumulated food. Many parents are always afraid that their children will not be full and nutritious enough. Every meal will be like stuffing ducks to feed their children whose diet is not yet self-control. As a result, it is easy for children to overload their stomachs without rest for a long time, so it is easy for them to accumulate food and have a fever, and it is often in the middle of the night, which is a great torture for parents!

In addition, when it is found that the baby has poor appetite, heavy breath, blocked stool and restless sleep, many mums think that the baby is' on fire ', so they often let the baby drink herbal tea based on experience. As we all know, often eat cold things more damage the baby's delicate stomach, aggravating the disease of chancre.

For baby growth, if not pay attention to its development, it is easy to cause anemia and malnutrition, resulting in growth retardation.

Tips: several characteristics of baby's accumulated food

1. Anorexia. It takes a long time to have a meal.

2. Poor digestive function, prone to abdominal distention, hard stool or diarrhea.

3. Low immunity, frequent cold, cough and even pneumonia.

4. Restless, easy to cry, difficult to sleep or restless, sweating or sweating when moving.

5. The baby's nose is green on both sides, tongue coating is thick and white, and can smell sour and rotten breath. Poor growth, yellow and emaciated face, short and yellow urine or clear and long, sour and smelly stool or loose stool.