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A review of Chen Lihua's personal nurse theft

Original title: private nurses were sentenced to three years for stealing the richest woman

According to a criminal judgment recently released by China judicial documents network, Pang, the private nurse of the chairman of China red sandalwood Museum, was sentenced to three years' imprisonment and 50000 yuan by the Chaoyang District People's Court of Beijing for stealing cash, clothes, jewelry, paintings and other items.

Public information shows that the legal representative of China red sandalwood museum is Chen Lihua, who once won the title of Hurun's richest woman from scratch in the world, and Chen Lihua's husband is Chi chongrui, who once played the role of Tang monk in journey to the West.

According to the judgment, the defendant Pang, a private nurse of the chairman of China red sandalwood Museum, was detained on December 6, 2018 on suspicion of theft and arrested on January 11 this year.

The court found that when Pang served as a private nurse in 2018, he stole Chen Moumou (female, 76 years old, from Beijing) cash of 3000 yuan, a black leather coat (identified value of 1800 yuan), handlebars, bracelets, rings, blankets and other items (identified value of 1186 yuan) on a floor of Huage, red sandalwood Museum, Gaobeidian Township, Chaoyang District, Beijing.

On November 22, 2018, Pang stole a painting of marine painting school collected by Chen (identified value: RMB 83800). In other words, Pang's total amount involved was nearly 90000 yuan.

Chaoyang Court made a judgment on October 16. The court held that Pang secretly stole other people's property and the amount was huge. His behavior had violated the criminal law and constituted larceny, which should be punished according to law. He was sentenced to fixed-term imprisonment of three years and a fine of 50000 yuan.