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List of the world's top ten least valuable currencies

What are the least valuable currencies in the world? Money is money in the popular sense. It can be said that everyone likes it very much. After all, we can't work and live without money, and every country has its own currency in circulation, but do you know what the least valuable money in the world is? Let's have a look

1. Zimbabwe

Zimbabwe launched a 100 trillion denomination currency in 2012. Does it sound terrible? In fact, it is useless. You can't eat a meal with this 10 billion. 100 billion Tianjin yuan is about 8-9 yuan. You can only buy a bowl of noodles.

2. Iran

Iran's currency doesn't have a dollar. The smallest one is 10 yuan, and the largest one is scary, up to 100000 yuan, but it's only 20 yuan in RMB. Later, coupled with the economic crisis, the currency is still depreciating. I'm afraid it's difficult for them to buy things.

3. Vietnam

Although Vietnam has been developing continuously, the Vietnamese Dong has indeed been very cheap. From the perspective of exchange rate and exchange rate, one US dollar can even exchange more than 2000 Vietnamese Dong, and one RMB can also exchange 3414 Vietnamese Dong. Xiaobian thinks it must be spectacular for them to go shopping.

4, Sao Tome and Principe

This country is an island country in Africa. Its currency has been depreciating continuously. Now it has fallen into a trough, so they won't issue coins because it's not worth it. Basically, people living here have a lot of money. Everyone is a multimillionaire. Does it sound great.

5. Belarus

The currency of Belarus is the Belarusian ruble, which was launched in 2001. At that time, many currencies of different denominations were issued. Today, 100 yuan RMB can be exchanged for nearly 300000 Belarusian rubles, which is also an amazing figure.

6. Ecuador

Ecuador's currency is also very worthless, because the domestic currency has been depreciating, and even stopped issuing later. At the time of the most serious depreciation, 1 yuan can be exchanged for more than 3000 Sucre.

7. Indonesia

After the baptism of the 1997 financial crisis, Indonesia has now fallen into a trough, and the face value of the currency is very huge. The largest denomination of Indonesian rupiah is 100000, and the smallest is 1000. It seems that people here also carry huge amounts of money.

8. Guinea

Guinea was first a French colony and later began to issue its own currency. However, at present, the currency is also very worthless. Even more than 2000 Guinean francs can barely buy a bottle of water.

9. Laos

The economy of Laos has been developing continuously, but the currency of Laos still uses the previous one. The minimum face value is 1 and the maximum is 100000. At present, 2000 Lao Kip can only barely buy a popsicle.

10. Sierra Leone

The economic level of Sierra Leone is average, and the domestic currency has been inflating all the time, so the domestic currency has become more and more worthless. At present, one yuan can be exchanged for more than 1000 Leon.