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Lei Jun invested 400 million in Xiaopeng automobile, and he Xiaopeng called him a noble man and ment

Lei Jun invested US $400 million in Xiaopeng automobile, which is currently valued at nearly US $4 billion. He Xiaopeng once said: for me, Lei Jun is such a mentor and noble person.

Lei Jun invests in Xiaopeng automobile

On November 13, Xiaopeng automobile official announced that it had obtained US $400 million financing from Xiaomi. Xiaopeng automobile is currently valued at nearly $4 billion. At the same time, Weilai, also invested by Xiaomi, has included a subsidiary in the list of abnormal operations. Lei Jun once invested in he Xiaopeng's UC browser project, and he Xiaopeng once called him a 'noble' who started his own business.

In November 2019, we will complete the round C financing of US $400 million, with investors including Xiaomi group and existing shareholders.

For this strategic investment, he Xiaopeng said: 'round C financing has not only attracted new strategic investors, such as Xiaomi group, but also received the strong support of many existing shareholders of Xiaopeng automobile, which is a reaffirmation of our long-term strategy, execution ability and prudent and pragmatic business model of smart car track. Both equity financing and the credit granted by Chinese and foreign banks illustrate the investors' affirmation of Xiaopeng's strategic choice and implementation ability under the environment of economic headwind and global market uncertainty. "

After Xiaomi's successful IPO, he Xiaopeng wrote a passionate open letter modeled on his' mentor ', full of admiration between the lines.

He wrote with gratitude, 'life needs mentors and noble people on the road to entrepreneurship. For me, Lei Jun is such a mentor and noble person. Whether UC or Xiaopeng automobile, Lei Jun is my angel investor and has given me a lot of correct suggestions. "

Lei Jun, the new partner, founder, chairman and CEO of Xiaomi group, said: 'Xiaomi group and Xiaopeng automobile have carried out in-depth cooperation in the interworking of smart phones and smart cars and achieved rich results. It is hoped that this strategic investment will deepen the further cooperation between the two sides in the field of intelligent hardware and IOT. "