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He was bitten off without paying back the money and went to the hospital for 20 yuan

Original title: what's wrong with being bitten off without paying back the money? It's unnecessary to be too cruel for 20 yuan

At about 9:00 on November 9, Xiasha police station received a report from Shen that he was beaten by his colleagues and injured his left ear. Now his left ear has been bleeding. After receiving the alarm, the police rushed to the scene.

I owe you 20 yuan

After preliminary understanding, the police officers Shen and yang are former colleagues and work in Xiasha No. 1 Industrial Park.

In early 2018, Shen borrowed 20 yuan from Yang and promised to pay it back later.

But looking back, I don't know whether the value of 20 yuan is too small and easy to forget, or whether Shen is unable to return it, and 20 yuan has' no news'.

Seeing that the year was almost over, Yang began to urge Shen to repay the money through wechat. Shen not only found an excuse to shirk, but also repeatedly abused Yang. In the later stage, he didn't even return the information directly.

Wechat failed. Yang began to call for debt. Shen was annoyed and simply hacked Yang's wechat and phone.

Play disappear, right?! Yang got angry and began to inquire about Shen's activity track.

On November 9, Yang learned that Shen was in Jinyang manpower dormitory, took a steel pipe from him and rushed to Jinyang manpower in a hurry.

As soon as he saw Shen, he hit him. Shen grabbed the steel pipe and hit back at Yang. The two sides fought each other.

Fight each other, bite each other's ears

The fight did not distinguish between high and low, so they stopped in the stairwell. Shen found that his mobile phone was damaged in the fight, so he asked Yang for compensation.

Yang was angry again, 'you haven't paid me the 20 yuan you owe me, but you asked me to compensate first. It's the opposite!'

As soon as Shen heard this, he immediately took his head in anger. Without saying a word, he hugged Yang's head and bit Yang's left ear with his teeth.

Yang was unwilling to show weakness. Instead, he pressed Shen's head and tore Shen's left ear with his teeth.

After biting each other, both ears shed a pool of blood. After physical overdraft, they finally stopped.

In severe pain, the two found that their left ear had been bitten off by each other. Angry Shen called the police immediately.

It is understood that Shen is 24 years old, from Yunnan, and Yang is 26 years old, from Guizhou. Both of them work in Hangzhou.

At present, both of them are in hospital for treatment, and the case is being further handled.