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Baiqueling praised Li Jiaqi's false publicity event. This wave of operation was criticized by netize

On November 13, some media reported that Li Jiaqi's live broadcast was suspected of false publicity, but Li Jiaqi encountered a rollover accident again after the live broadcast of the non stick pot rollover.

The product involved this time is' Yangcheng champion crab '. During the publicity, Li Jiaqi said that hairy crab is the hairy crab of Yangcheng Lake, and the brand is an old brand for 23 years. But the actual situation is that the hairy crab has nothing to do with Yangcheng Lake hairy crab, and the brand has only been established for four years.

At present, the promotional video of Li Jiaqi's program has also been taken off the shelves, and Li Jiaqi's team has not made any response to the matter. But it is conceivable that this will have a great impact on Li Jiaqi's live broadcasting career.

As the most popular online celebrity with goods, Li Jiaqi is the envy of everyone. In an interview, when asked about the monthly income, he directly admitted that the monthly income had exceeded 7, but he didn't feel special because he didn't have time to spend money.

This answer reminds people of the dialogue between Sabine and Ma Yun, who said he didn't care about money at all.

Li Jiaqi also brought goods for Ma Yun's live game, and Ma Yun lost 10:1000.

People who often watch Li Jiaqi's live broadcast know that many stars often appear in his live broadcast room, such as Xiao s, Xi Mengyao, Guan Xiaotong, Qi Wei, Liu Tao, Zhu Yilong and so on.

Now he is a frequent visitor. Not long ago, on the double 11, he was just pigeoned by the well-known domestic skin care brand - wildebeest.

It is said that he warmed up for a long time to promote the brand. As a result, he was told to cancel that night, but there were goods in the live studio of another anchor, viya. As for the reason, it is still a mystery.

Interestingly, the Baique official also praised the microblog voting with Li Jiaqi accused of false publicity topics. Is this operation a hand slip or a dis response?

Li Jiaqi's dog. Everyone who has watched the live broadcast knows that Li Jiaqi has five dogs. These dogs look similar. It's really difficult to identify which one is.

During each live broadcast, these dogs will grab the camera in various ways, which has also attracted many people's love. Many people will ask Li Jiaqi when to sell dogs.

During the live broadcast on November 12, Li Jiaqi suddenly called on the audience to withdraw from the live broadcast room to participate in the double 11 express carton recycling operation, and put the express carton into more than 70000 express stations and outlets nationwide for recycling.

Subsequently, Li Jiaqi called on the audience to withdraw from the live broadcasting room. The interruption of Li Jiaqi's live broadcasting for one minute has become a hot search topic. After all, the online popular live broadcasting with goods is really racing against time, but it will lose millions a minute.

Li Jiaqi's success is not accidental. He once told the media about his day's arrangement. Finish work at two o'clock in the morning, go to bed at four or five o'clock, get up at eight or nine o'clock and start live broadcasting. The live broadcasting can reach 389 times 365 days a year.

That's how he is today. For Li Jiaqi, he doesn't need any pity, because this is his work. If you want to get it, you have to pay.

The problem with the live broadcast undoubtedly sounded an alarm for Li Jiaqi. Now his every move will receive external attention. He needs to pay more attention when recommending products. If he doesn't pay attention to the details, he may have the opportunity to destroy him.