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The central bank clarified that legal digital currency was not issued

The central bank announced today that recently, online news said that the people's Bank of China had issued legal digital currency, and some institutions falsely used the name of the people's Bank of China to trade relevant digital products on the digital asset trading platform as' DC / EP 'or' DCEP '. The central bank said:

1、 The people's Bank of China does not issue legal digital currency (DC / EP), nor does it authorize any asset trading platform to conduct transactions. The people's Bank of China began to study legal digital currency in 2014 and is still in the process of research and testing. Neither 'DC / EP' nor 'DCEP' traded in the market is legal digital currency, and the launch time of legal digital currency transmitted online is inaccurate information.

2、 At present, the so-called issuance of legal digital currency on the Internet and the transactions of individual institutions on the asset trading platform by launching 'DC / EP' or 'DCEP' in the name of the people's Bank of China may involve fraud and MLM. Please raise the public's risk awareness, do not be partial to trust and prevent damage to interests.