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Putin stressed that mastering artificial intelligence will gain huge competitive advantage, which is

Russian President Vladimir Putin said when attending the first International Conference on "journey of artificial intelligence" in Moscow on the 9th that artificial intelligence has great potential. Whoever can master it will stand out and develop forward, so as to obtain a huge competitive advantage. Therefore, artificial intelligence is related to the future of the country. All sectors of Russia should actively promote the R & D and application of artificial intelligence.

Data figure issued by Xinhua News Agency (Photo by Marty & middot; Marty Kaining)

According to the news released on the Russian President's website on the 9th, Putin said in his speech at the meeting that the 'propellant' developed by artificial intelligence is a large amount of data and information. The higher the quality of these data and information, the more effective the calculation methods applied by artificial intelligence and the more accurate the calculation results are. Therefore, relevant parties in Russia need to eliminate the obstacles for artificial intelligence developers to obtain sufficient data and information.

Putin said: "Russia should also vigorously train programmers, mathematics and computer linguistics professionals, experts in data processing and in-depth learning required for artificial intelligence research and development, so that employees in economy, business, education, health, justice and other fields can understand and use relevant artificial intelligence technologies, and then build new production and management processes."

When talking about security assistance, Putin stressed that Russian officials need to ensure that the Russian R & D community has a greater degree of freedom in AI innovation and application advocacy, establish a convenient venture capital mechanism, solve relevant problems in management and regulations, and create good conditions for Russian start-ups to bring AI products to the market.

Putin said: "Russia, which has strength in mathematics, physics and other precision Sciences and humanities, must and can become one of the world leaders in the field of artificial intelligence."

The International Conference on "artificial intelligence journey" hosted by the Russian savings bank and the Russian network technology enterprise mail. Ru group was held from November 8 to 9. More than 5000 professionals from about 20 countries and regions including Switzerland, the United States, Ukraine and Russia attended the conference.