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What did Chen Kaige say about flow supremacy

What did Chen Kaige say about flow supremacy

As we all know, many times we call the current era the 'fan economy' era. For example, the popularity of the anchor and the trust established between the anchor and the fans are what we bring goods to online red. Therefore, the 'online Red economy' once became a popular way to make money! Similar to the online Red economy is the interest relationship between entertainment artists and fans. Of course, in the hearts of fans, they are pure 'affection' with artists, but in the eyes of investors, fans are the source of interests, so the fan economy was born!

A very simple truth is that an artist with hundreds of millions of traffic must be the darling of the market. He will get more investment and more resources. Conversely, an artist who doesn't have much popularity can't compete with the top class. Even if he has great strength, it's in vain!

The topic of "traffic first" in the entertainment industry has been commonplace. Although it has been criticized and criticized by all parties, it can not eliminate this reality at all. It is worth mentioning that in the recent program "please take your place", actor Huang Yuming once again mentioned this unfair phenomenon in the entertainment industry! According to Huang Yuming, although he has been filming for more than ten years and is proud to say that he can control any role, he is often rejected by the director or producer because of traffic problems. From Huang Yuming's words, we obviously feel that he has pointed the spearhead at the director and producer.

I have to admit that Huang Yuming is bold. You know, the four directors all have the dual identity of director and producer. They all chase traffic more or less. What's more interesting is that after Huang Yuming expressed his views, everyone applauded. I believe these applause are encouraging applause, but Guo Jingming didn't say anything!

Three of the four directors agree with Huang Yuming's point of view and admire his courage to say, because in the backstage artists, many artists are full of bitterness, but they don't dare to reveal it easily. After all, there are few words!

Let's talk about some actors who took the opportunity to spit out bitter water, such as Niu Junfeng. He has played for 17 years and has rich performance experience, but he still suffers from the embarrassment of traffic. Just like he said, 'no matter how good the play is, it's useless'! Liu Yaser also shared the experience of being rejected by the director because 'you're not red'! Moreover, artists nominated for best actor like Duan Bowen will still encounter the embarrassment of traffic. No matter how good the play is!

Because of Huang Yuming's criticism, it can be said that one stone aroused thousands of waves, and the actors vomited bitterness one after another. But only Guo Jingming began to defend himself. 'I've used a lot of very popular artists and a lot of newcomers, but if I think he really matches this role, I'll use it even if you're not very hot. But the premise is that you have to be suitable for this role '!

As we all know, Guo Jingming is indeed a director who likes to use traffic and likes to use handsome men and beautiful women. Therefore, in the eyes of many netizens, Guo Jingming seems to be chasing traffic. Huang Yuming's criticism clearly hit Guo Jingming's most sensitive place, so his performance was so different that he first excluded himself from the directors and producers of 'flow first', proving that he valued the role more!

Put aside Guo Jingming's remarks. Let's take a look at Chen Kaige's analysis' this is the inevitable situation in the market under capital control. Investors must be profitable, so the flow is an indicator of profitability, so there is no need to attack. Of course, traffic can be used, but actors can't do without acting skills'!

Comparing the remarks of Chen Kaige and Guo Jingming, there is a huge gap in the pattern between them. Guo Jingming first cleaned himself up, but exposed his guilty side. Chen Kaige has a different foothold. It is very objective to analyze problems from the perspective of the market. We should know that there are all kinds of chaos in each industry, and these chaos really need everyone to supervise and control, but it is mainly to the market. Looking back on the aesthetics of the audience in recent years, in fact, we pay more attention to the work itself and the acting skills of the actors, which is a benign development trend, and what the actors have to do is to continue to perform well. As for the unfair market environment, the actors can't change, but can only be handed over to the audience and the market!