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What shape of spectacle frame are you suitable to wear

Choosing glasses depends on the face shape. Only when the face shape matches the shape of the eyeglass frame can the whole person look more energetic. Here are three common eye shapes suitable for girls' faces:

1、 Square face circle selection box

For girls with square face, the water chestnut on the face is strong and obvious. Don't choose square or diamond glasses, which will only make you look rigid, serious and ugly. Square face is best to choose round frame glasses, which can soften the face lines and make you look more friendly.

Large round frame glasses, large mirror, very dark frame, instantly brighten people's eyes after wearing them. Scientific design makes it natural and comfortable to wear, without bulky feeling and any pressure.

2、 Round face box

The round face looks very soft, but if the face is too round, there will be no obvious outline. This face is suitable for wearing square or prismatic glasses. The edges and corners of the glasses increase the three-dimensional feeling of the face.

3、 Oval face is versatile

If your face is oval, congratulations. You can boldly control various styles of glasses. The lines and contours of the oval face are relatively uniform and three-dimensional, and do not need too much modification. You can try it, whether it's fashionable polygons, round frames, boxes, or even hard to control cat's eye glasses.

The square full frame style is very retro. It adopts special metal and metal frame. After wearing it, it instantly turns into a Korean version of small fresh, soft and cute girl. It is comfortable to wear and has better decoration effect.