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Precautions for men and women to see at first night knowledge for men and women to see at first nigh China has been conservative in sexuality since ancient times. Although it has been opened up a lot in recent years, teenagers in China know little about sexuality. In the face of the first night, both sides are often groping for it. Most of the first night is very bad! The following editor has prepared some psychological knowledge about the first night, hoping to help you!

Women's heart before the first night

Inferiority to stature

Before women face sex, the first pressure they face is to worry about their bad body, not being able to satisfy their partners, and even destroying their relationship. But in real life, there are not many people who can be as graceful as stars, so we must build up our self-confidence in body shape and accept ourselves.

Relief method:

For women's anxiety and pressure, men must give positive evaluation and encouragement. Men must understand that sex is not only the desire of the body and the senses, but also the exchange of emotions; if they are not satisfied with their body, they can share this mood with women and compare their hearts to relieve the pressure of appearance.

Fear of sexual intercourse 'expectation'

'sex is not beautiful at all, it's just uncomfortable. 'this is a topic that many handkerchiefs often talk about when they talk about the secrets of their boudoir. Because of the lack of sex education, there are many people's sexual knowledge, all from movies, TV, or novels. In those worlds, sex is very beautiful, but in fact, not everyone's experience is the same; therefore, when people pass it on from mouth to mouth, they will have the view that sex is not romantic, but even painful. It is also believed that sexual intercourse is just a routine, or even just to satisfy male behavior. With such a concept, when a woman wants to go to bed with her sexual partner, she will naturally have a feeling of fear and disgust, and of course, she will not have satisfactory and pleasant sexual behavior.

Another similar situation is aversion to sex organs. In the cartoon "bainializi", the heroine, bainializi, is a first-class girl in both face and body. She also has beautiful fantasies about falling in love and going to bed, but she thinks her sexual organs are so ugly that they don't match the appearance of her first beauty, so she is disillusioned with sex. Although the plot is funny, it vividly shows that young women's concept of sexual intercourse is full of contradictions. The idea that sex organs are ugly, just like the idea that sex is painful, makes many women unable to enjoy sex calmly.

Relief method:

Women's preconceived idea or stereotype of sex, if deeply rooted, will still cause psychological obstacles. At this time, the other half's consideration and understanding, and communication with both sides, become the key to the solution. In order to relieve women's fear and expectation of sex, men must understand what women are looking forward to, disarm women and forget their doubts about sex. Under the guidance of women, asking women's feelings from time to time can also make them leave endless lingering after sex.

Inner monologue before men's first night

The reason for a man's "fainting" is nothing more than worrying about his own inability, illness, or having experienced unpleasant experience, which makes the past in his mind often reappear unconsciously and interferes with his love making mood. At this time, you have to show concern properly, especially to patiently accompany him through this awkward period; therefore, it is suggested that you can first arouse his confidence through non sexual intercourse and other intimate ways, and fully let him feel the pleasure of your intimate relationship with each other, and even actively show his sexy side, I believe that he will soon naturally show his heroism!

Have doubts about your sexual ability

According to the survey, Taiwanese men generally think that it takes a long time for an erection to satisfy women, and they also think that women must have a strong response to show that they are 'very good and strong'. Therefore, they subconsciously worry that the other side will have an affair because they want to be dissatisfied. As a result, when they do it, they will be soft and can't get up again.

Relief method:

If you fail many times, you don't have to rush to help him recover. Both parties take a break to give him a chance to breathe; you can use other methods to express the intimate relationship, let him know that you are really satisfied with your relationship and rebuild his confidence.

I'm afraid I'll let you down

When you are worried about his pressure, you may say: 'it doesn't matter. Anyway, sexual intercourse is not the most important thing. The most important thing is the fit of mind & hellip;', or say: 'it doesn't matter if you can't do it once, come back next time & hellip;' but you must not know that your good comfort is also his biggest source of pressure.

Precautions for men and women for the first time

First, the choice of your first night. Choose a place with a better environment. It's better to be romantic. After all, life is only once, and you should leave a good memory.

Second, prepare in advance. First of all, the most important thing is that girls should be prepared psychologically. It will hurt a lot at the first time. In addition, condoms and lubricants are also essential. Do not be afraid of trouble and vacuum, which is very dangerous. Lubricating oil can relieve women's pain

Third, the boy must not be anxious. Take it slow. It may be difficult to get in for the first time. Be gentle. When the girlfriend is in pain, comfort her, kiss her, divert her attention and relieve her pain

Fourth, men will be quick for the first time. Don't be discouraged.

Fifthly, don't try those difficult postures for the first time, which may make girlfriend feel more painful

Sixth, do a good foreplay, don't go directly to the main topic, first kiss her body, touch her gently, say some sweet words to make both sides excited, which can improve the quality of the house, make both sides more satisfied, and reduce the pain at the same time

Seventh, if you want to commemorate it, you can put a piece of cloth under it, which can be printed on it. Don't be angry because your girlfriend hasn't fallen red. First of all, not all women will fall red for the first time. Second, if you really love her, don't care too much about her past, which will hurt her heart. Men with virginity complex should pay attention.

Eighth, after the completion of the event, we should make friends for a while, saying this will make each other more satisfied, and we can also say some love words to enhance our feelings

Ninth, don't overindulge. Women can't do it again for the first time. It's not good for their health. Finally, I wish you a perfect first night