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What kind of milk powder is good for babies with diarrhea? How to choose milk powder for babies with

What kind of milk powder is good for babies with diarrhea? How to choose milk powder for babies with diarrhea all the organs of the newborn are developing, and their physique is weak. Some children are born with sensitive and fragile digestive system, and often have diarrhea, which worries their mother. So, what kind of milk powder should the baby eat to improve diarrhea? Let's take a look at it with Xiaobian!

Choice of milk powder for baby diarrhea

The milk powder containing soluble dietary fiber can be used for babies with poor stomach and intestines. Dietary fiber can help digestion and absorption of the stomach and intestines, especially for babies who are prone to diarrhea or diarrhea.

Attention to diet for babies with bad intestines

The amount of food should be reasonable, and a small amount of food should be taken to reduce the burden of gastrointestinal tract.

Nutrition should be balanced, not partial to food, not picky.

Choose foods that are easy to digest

Do not eat irritant food.

To solve the problem of baby's intestines, in addition to the above treatment, it is more important to treat the symptoms and strengthen the baby's intestines.

Parenting experts point out that healthy intestinal function mainly includes good digestion and absorption, balanced intestinal microecology and normal intestinal immune function. To strengthen your baby's intestines, you should also start from these three aspects:

Improve digestion and absorption. Reasonably arrange the diet and select the formula milk powder and auxiliary food with high digestion and absorption.

Balance intestinal microecology. The infant's diet should contain necessary prebiotics to increase intestinal probiotics and reduce harmful bacteria. The choice of formula should also pay attention to the prebiotic ingredients.

Symptoms of infantile diarrhea

Infantile diarrhea is a kind of digestive tract dysfunction syndrome caused by improper diet or internal and external intestinal infection, which mostly occurs in infants under 2 years old. When a baby is fed breast milk, the normal number of stools per day will be one or two times more than that of milk, which is yellow green paste stool; while for the milk feeder, it is yellow shaped stool. Diarrhea refers to the increase of water content in feces and the deterioration of stool components. Generally speaking, the number of stools will increase, the water content will increase, the color of stools will turn green, and the air will be sour. The main symptoms are: Q2

Mild: five to eight stools a day, possibly accompanied by a slight fever or vomiting. Faeces are yellowish green, with mucus and egg flower soup like, with slight abdominal distention and hyperactivity of bowel sounds.

Moderate diarrhea: stool ten times a day, watery stool, sour and smelly smell, may have moderate fever.

Severe: frequent diarrhea, eight to fifteen stools a day, watery, with a lot of acid odor, restlessness, lethargy, malaise, even coma, convulsion, bloody mucus stool, sunken front fontanelle, dry skin and lips, etc.

Some patients may have obvious dehydration, acidosis, electrolyte disorder, such as low potassium or low magnesium.

Precautions for baby diarrhea

Do not fast: no matter what cause of diarrhea, the digestive tract function of the baby is reduced, but it can still digest and absorb some nutrients, so the baby who eats breast milk should continue to feed, as long as he wants to eat, he can feed. The number of babies who eat milk can be reduced by about 1 / 3 at a time, with a little water added to the milk. If the baby does not eat enough after reduction, it can add salty rice soup, or feed carrot water and fresh vegetable water to supplement inorganic salt and vitamins.

Ensure water supply: early detection of dehydration. When the baby has severe diarrhea, accompanied by vomiting, fever, thirst, dry lips, little or no urine, sunken eyes, sunken front fontanelle, the baby is' emaciated 'in a short period of time, the skin is' wilted', crying without tears, which indicates that dehydration has been caused, the sick child should be sent to the hospital in time for treatment.

Do a good job of family care: parents should carefully observe the nature, color, frequency and amount of stool, keep the abnormal part of stool for test and find the cause of diarrhea; pay attention to keeping the abdomen warm to reduce intestinal peristalsis, wrap the abdomen with towel or apply hot water bag on the abdomen; pay attention to let the baby rest more, wash the buttocks with warm water after defecation to prevent the occurrence of red buttocks, and clean the diapers , boil, disinfect, dry and reuse.

Baby diarrhea diet

Millet porridge: when a baby has diarrhea and diarrhea, the burden on his stomach is very heavy. What can reduce the burden on his stomach at this time is the fastest answer to what a baby can eat with diarrhea. Baby diarrhea, to be easy to digest light diet based, never eat high fat and indigestible things, so as to gradually restore the digestive function of the stomach, baby diarrhea, the best food is millet porridge, which not only nutrition, but also help the baby digestion.

Ripe apple: ripe apple is one of the best choices for babies to have diarrhea. Steam or boil the apple, and then add some ice sugar to feed the baby, which can effectively alleviate the diarrhea symptoms of the baby, because the apple contains a lot of organic acids such as tannin, congealing acid and other ingredients, which has a good convergence effect. Moreover, the pectin contained in the apple can protect the intestinal wall and eliminate the virus. It is the fastest and most effective food for babies to have diarrhea.

Other: baby diarrhea, the first task of mothers is to alleviate the symptoms of diarrhea, so we must reduce the burden of the baby's stomach, light diet is what baby diarrhea to eat the fastest prescription, common can be fed to the baby's light diet: egg yolk diet, Jiaomi soup, chestnut paste diet, soft noodles, these are the best diet for nourishing the spleen, benefiting the stomach and stopping diarrhea.