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When is the physical examination of teacher qualification certificate? What are the physical examina

Recently, the written examination of the national primary school teacher qualification certificate has ended. Next, the friends who pass the written examination will face an interview, and then the teacher qualification physical examination. So when is the physical examination of teacher qualification certificate? What are the physical examination items of teacher qualification certificate? How much does it cost? This article brings you the physical examination time and project introduction of teacher qualification certificate. Let's have a look.

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1. Physical examination time of teacher qualification certificate

The physical examination time of teacher qualification certificate is designated by the Education Bureau applied for when applying for teacher qualification certificate. Generally, you can query when submitting application information on China teacher qualification online. Each examination in each region changes. General physical examination has a designated time and place. If you miss the time, you can't make it up.

The time of the physical examination form is randomly arranged by the Education Commission in order to avoid getting together for physical examination. If the physical examination cannot be carried out in time for special reasons, you can try to contact the Education Commission for change. If not, you can only carry out qualification certification next year.

2. What are the physical examination items of teacher qualification certificate

1. Routine examinations include: height, weight, abdominal circumference, blood pressure and pulse.

2. Medical and surgical examination, etc.

3. Routine examination of Ophthalmology and facial features, etc.

4. Blood routine: number and classification of white blood cells, number of red blood cells, hemoglobin content, platelet content, etc.

5. Urine routine: urine sugar, urine protein, urine red blood cell, white blood cell content, etc.

6, liver function: liver function three examination, hepatitis B two half and half check.

7. Electrocardiogram

8. Chest X-ray

Candidates should pay attention to: three days before the physical examination of teachers' qualification certificate, do not eat high-fat and high protein diet, avoid drinking and overeating. Pay attention to rest, avoid strenuous exercise and ensure good sleep. Fast breakfast on the day of physical examination.

3. Physical examination fee for teacher qualification certificate

Local charging standards are not consistent, so you need to consult the physical examination hospital, and the physical examination expenses shall be borne by yourself.

All provinces have corresponding physical examination standards for teacher qualification, so the standards are not consistent across the country.

The physical examination results of teacher qualification certificate come out at different times in different regions. In some regions, the physical examination results can be known only 3-5 days later. You can get it yourself.