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Wang Yuan's mother arranged a blind date to check the male stars arranged for a blind date

Recently, in an interview, Wang Yuan said that his mother had intended to help him arrange a blind date. At dinner, she asked "how about the daughter of a friend I have recently". Wang Yuan said frankly, "what do you mean?", Wang Yuan's mother added, "do you want to meet?" Wang Yuan replied to his mother, "I've never met her before. Why should I know her?" "I'm only 18 years old. Don't make trouble.".

In addition to Wang Yuan, Hu Yitian was also shown a small video of a blind date conference many years ago. At that time, Hu Yitian was only 20 years old. He accompanied his friends on a blind date. By the way, he went to see if there were any suitable girls to experience the feeling of blind date. Because of his high appearance and handsome appearance, he was very prominent in the crowd. Finally, Hu was asked for a phone number by many girls one day.

The most anxious should be Qian Feng's mother, who failed to help her son on a blind date on the roadside. Later, Qian Feng's parents went directly to the "day up" and made it public on the program to make a blind date for his son. Finally, Qian Feng went to a blind date reality show and kissed yuan Shanshan.

Hu Ge's blind date process is full of twists and turns. Hu Ge's mother has been helping Hu Ge arrange blind dates, hoping to find a suitable girl. After looking for many, she finally found a girl who is good in all aspects. It was not easy to arrange for the two to meet. As soon as the woman heard that it was Hu Ge, she thought it was a liar. She resolutely refused Hu Ge's mother's blind date invitation and didn't even go.

Feng Shaofeng, who has become a father, also said in the program earlier that he was cheated by his father to go on a blind date. He said that his father took him to a friend's house for the new year. Only when he went there did he know it was a blind date. And the girl is not at home yet. The girl's mother takes out a lot of art photos of her daughter. " It made me very embarrassed. I didn't know where to put my hands. At that time, I didn't feel like sitting or standing. It was very uncomfortable. "