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Where is Yuzhang academy? In which province is the geographical location of Yuzhang academy introduc

Where, how and at what stage did Yuzhang academy develop? Let's introduce the relevant information of Yuzhang Academy:

Yuzhang academy is one of the four academies in ancient Jiangxi. Its original site is located at No. 8, East Shuyuan street, South Xiangshan Road, Nanchang. It is now the location of Nanchang No. 18 middle school. Founded in the Southern Song Dynasty, it has successively appeared in the form of Neo Confucianism temple, Xiaolian hall and academy. In the Qing Dynasty, it was the capital Academy of Jiangxi Province and a famous official school institution for the dissemination of academic ideas and talent training in ancient Jiangxi.


Yuzhang academy originated from the Luo family in Yuzhang, Jiangxi Province. During the reign of emperor Hui of the Han Dynasty, the great farmer ordered Luo Zhu to guard Jiujiang county. Zhang Jiaoxian, a member of the county, built a new city with guanhou and planted Yuzhang trees in the ditch. Therefore, Yuzhang county got its name. According to legend, Yuzhang academy is a descendant of the Luo family in Nanchang. It was built to commemorate Luo Congyan, a neo Confucianism scholar, and promote Confucianism and Taoism. It was named after the hall because of Yu Zhang, the king of Roche Prefecture. In other areas, the "Yuzhang academy" was also built by the descendants of Luo's family in Yuzhang, such as Yuzhang Academy in Guangzhou and Yuzhang Academy in Ninghua, Fujian, forming a "academy culture" with Luo's characteristics. There are many "Yuzhang ancestral halls" in Luo's settlements around the country. Neo Confucianism has a long voice and Yuzhang has a long history, forming a unique and unified "ancestral culture". Emperor Kangxi of the Qing Dynasty gave a plaque: 'Zhang Shuiyuan', which was praised by emperors of all dynasties and won noble awards. Later, it was as famous as Lushan Bailudong academy, Ji'an Bailuzhou academy and Qianshan Ehu academy, and was known as the 'four academies in Jiangxi'.

Create development:

The establishment and development of Yuzhang Academy was founded in the Southern Song Dynasty. At that time, under the influence of Zhu Xi's Neo Confucianism, it became a base for spreading Zhu Cheng's learning in Jiangxi. Academies in Yuan and Ming Dynasties were further developed. In the Yuan Dynasty, because the rulers of the Yuan Dynasty took Neo Confucianism as the way to govern the country and secure the people, they adopted the policy of advocating, supporting and strengthening control over the Academy. At this stage, Yuzhang academy, like other academies in the country, developed to a certain extent. In the early years of the Ming Dynasty, the rulers of the Ming Dynasty adopted a policy of no support and no prohibition, and the Academy was at a standstill. During the Wanli period of the Ming Dynasty, it was forced to close down because of the government's policy of banning books. Later, after being repaired by Jiangxi governor Ling Yunyi and pan Jixun, they changed to worship the Confucianism of song, yuan and Ming Dynasties, known as the "Temple of Mr. 24 of Yuzhang".

Peak period:

In the peak period, the Academy restored its original school scale in the early Qing Dynasty. The enrollment object was no longer limited to the jurisdiction of Nanchang government, and began to select the handsome students from Jiangxi provinces, prefectures, counties and departments. In the 28th year of the reign of Emperor Kangxi of the Qing Dynasty (1689), it was renamed 'Neo Confucianism Mingxian Temple'. In the 31st year of Kangxi (1692), governor Ma Rulong rebuilt, hired Nanchang Jinshi Xiong Feiwei as the head of the mountain, and selected handsome students from Jiangxi provinces, prefectures, counties and departments. In 1717, the government rebuilt it again, and the layout was different. On the right was the lecture hall and on the left was the ancestral hall. Hundreds of students were selected to study in the whole province; In the second year (1718), Emperor Kangxi gave the academy the four word "Zhang Shuiyuan", which made the Academy enter the best development period in history. Later Yongzheng and Qianlong also paid full attention to the Academy.

Jiangxi Governor Chen Hongmou and Hao Shuo made great efforts from the two aspects of hospital regulations and hospital buildings. Due to the attention of the three emperors Kangxi, Yongzheng and Qianlong of the Qing Dynasty and the government, the development of Yuzhang academy reached its peak in the middle of the Qing Dynasty: famous teachers gathered and rich books collected, and became one of the famous large academies in the country at that time. During Daoguang (1821-1850) and tongzhi (1862-1874), Yuzhang academy continued to expand in terms of scale and collection. In the late Qing Dynasty, influenced by the concept of the spread of Western learning to the East, Guangxu (1875-1908) was once changed into a Juren academy, named 'Xiaolian Hall', which was called 'Xiaolian Academy', and there was a stele of Xiaolian Academy. In 1902, Guangxu was changed to 'Jiangxi University'. After 1949, it was changed into Nanchang University Institute of technology and Hongdu University.