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How to use the grenade launcher of peace elite

How to use the grenade launcher of peace elite

The peace elite grenade launcher is a special weapon in the firepower duel mode. There are three kinds of grenade launchers: M79 grenade launcher, MGL grenade launcher and short tube grenade launcher. These three use methods and skills are similar, so let's talk about them together. Let's see how the peace elite grenade launcher works.

The grenade launcher is characterized by short range and parabolic trajectory, so the grenade launcher is more suitable for medium and short-range use and can also attack the enemy behind the bunker. When using the grenade launcher, the player can raise the muzzle slightly and let the grenade fly over the obstacles in a parabola into the back of the bunker, so that the enemy can't use the bunker for defense.

Because the trajectory of the grenade launcher is parabolic, the attack distance will be very close if it is fired directly. If the player uses a flat grenade launcher behind the bunker, the grenade may explode directly on the bunker and he may be blown down by the grenade.

The best place to use grenade launchers is in the building attack war with relatively complex terrain. Because there are many windows in houses, it is not easy to attack each other. In the general mode, everyone attacks with grenades. Now grenade launchers can be used to replace grenades. Moreover, the grenade has a long delay and is easy to dodge, but the grenade launcher collides and explodes, and the enemy has no time to dodge.

The above is all about how to use the peace elite grenade launcher. Xiaobian will continue to share more peace elite strategies with you later. I hope you like it.