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Is it advisable to spray dye on the lawn for delivery?

Can you accept re dyeing the withered and yellow lawn just for its good appearance? Recently, some netizens released a video to reveal that in a community to be delivered in Hangzhou, staff sprayed dye on the withered and yellow lawn to re dye the lawn.

According to insiders, spraying dye on the lawn is something that many developers will do. The purpose is to let the owners close the house satisfactorily and leave a good first impression. If the lawn dies but the developer has no time to replace it, he will spray lawn dye for temporary transition.

In this regard, many netizens said that this will pollute the environment and can't agree. Some netizens also said that the 'grass clothes' widely used in the garden industry are sprayed in the video, which has an aqueous acrylic resin to enhance photosynthesis, which is theoretically non-toxic and harmless.