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How much do you charge for a good tune? How much do you charge for 1000 likes

Small video is very popular in recent years. As long as you register, you can send video. If you like it enough, it will be popular, and you can make money. Recently, I've been saying "praise can collect money" on the tremolo. It's true or false. Xiaobian will tell you the truth.

What's the meaning of receiving money

We say that "like money" should refer to "like money". Babies with more like money can be popular. Therefore, many friends are willing to buy fans to buy "like", so "like money" should refer to "like money".

Is it true that you want to accept the money?

Play shake sound partners, Xiaobian here to explain to you that playing shake sound is not money!

Can you like the comments?

Buffeting is good for comments, but only if you need to upgrade the buffeting short video app to the latest version.