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What is the legend of new year's Eve

New year's Eve is just a few days away. As soon as new year's Eve arrives, new year will come. There is also an interesting legend about new year's Eve. We can tell it to the children. So new year's Eve is not a night to sleep, come to see the explanation.

What is the origin of new year's Eve?

Today, let's let Xiaobian talk about how new year's Eve came. It's said that there is a fierce monster named Xi. Xi is very large, with long tentacles and dragon scales. It comes out to eat people on the last day of the lunar month. Therefore, people in the nearby villages have to take shelter in the mountains and forests. It is said that this year, when people were going to the mountains for shelter, a chubby boy came face-to-face. He was very heroic and had an extraordinary appearance. He stopped an old man and smelled, where are you going in such cold weather? He hurried and said as he walked, we are going to come here to eat human beasts, son, don't go forward, come with us!

Late that night, the night came as scheduled as usual. But it is different from the previous years. The village is very quiet. I am very puzzled at night, and I continue to rush to the village. At this time, I heard the crackling and earth shaking noise, and it became more and more intensive. There was red light in many rooms, and there was fire outside! The monster never met such a situation in Xi, so scared that he ran away, even dare not go back. The next morning, a brave young man came back to the village and saw the boy. He was surprised and asked why. The boy told the truth before people came back. From then on, people set off firecrackers and light bonfires on this night of every year. They never came again. It is also called "New Year's Eve", and because the child is called "new year", it is also called "New Year's Day".

Shouldn't you sleep all night on New Year's Eve?

In fact, there is such a custom on the night of new year's Eve, that is, the whole night of new year's Eve is not sleeping to watch the Spring Festival Gala. Is there really such a tradition? I think there are still some in Xiaobian. Of course, with the advent of modern TV, many people stay up late to watch the Spring Festival Gala, and can see 12 o'clock all the time. Xiaobian I really haven't watched the Spring Festival gala for a long time, which is a very depressing thing, of course Now there are many people who don't watch the Spring Festival Gala. In fact, when we were little, we almost slept on New Year's Eve. After all, if we didn't sleep the night before, there would be no spiritual play.