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The latest news of the 23rd Pingchang Winter Olympic Games

At 19:00 on February 9, Beijing time, the opening ceremony of the Pyeongchang Winter Olympic Games in South Korea will be held. As a country with a long history, distinctive national culture and popular culture, what kind of highlights will South Korea present at the opening ceremony? Although it can't watch the competition in person, it can still learn the first-hand information through Why not?

Let's have a look at the eight highlights

Highlight 1: joint admission of North Korea and South Korea

Undoubtedly, the most important point of the opening ceremony of the Pyeongchang Winter Olympic Games is that the delegations of South Korea and North Korea will hold the "Korean Peninsula flag" to enter together.

Song chenghuan, the general director of the opening ceremony, said: 'we are deeply hurt by the national split, so we are eager for peace and want to convey the belief of peace to every corner of the world through this winter Olympics. '

At the 2000 Sydney Olympic Games, the delegations of North Korea and South Korea walked side by side, touching the whole world.

In the past, South Korea and North Korea joined hands in the opening ceremony of Sydney Olympic Games in 2000, Athens Olympic Games in 2004, Turin Winter Olympic Games in 2006 and Changchun Asian Winter Games in 2007. Therefore, the 2018 Pingchang Winter Olympic Games will be the fifth 'combination' of the two countries in 18 years.

It is worth mentioning that the two countries will also form a women's ice hockey team to compete, which is undoubtedly another major breakthrough in the history of the Olympic Games.

Point 2: how to show Korean culture?

Koreans have a strong sense of national pride. This pride comes from the success of South Korea's economic modernization on the one hand, and from the Korean people's cherishing and protection of their national traditional culture on the other hand. They are good at shaping the national spirit through historical and cultural traditions, and are willing to promote this tradition to the world.

On September 17, 1988, the opening ceremony of Seoul Olympic Games, parachute performance.

The Seoul Olympic Games 30 years ago made the world know Korea and Korean culture. People remember the classic "Arirang" and the Korean "elephant Hat Dance". How to combine traditional culture with modern culture, Oriental culture and Western culture, and how to build up national pride in the Pingchang Winter Olympic Games are worth looking forward to.

Highlight 3: Opening Ceremony Theme Song

The theme song is the main part of the opening ceremony of the previous Olympic Games. It usually becomes a popular golden song, such as "hand in hand" and "me and you". Now the editor has to hum two sentences from time to time.

In 1988, Korea sang the theme song "hand in hand" at the opening ceremony of the Seoul Olympic Games.

Two theme songs "the dream of Pingchang" and "fly day" have been released in this winter Olympic Games. What kind of music will the theme song go in the opening ceremony, who will sing it, and whether it can become a classic like "hand in hand". Music loving friends are still looking forward to it.

Highlight 4: how to keep out the cold?

The opening ceremony of the Pingchang Olympic Games is facing a big embarrassment - the main hall of the opening ceremony is not covered with a roof due to the problems of funds and construction period, which causes about 35000 spectators to watch the opening ceremony in the cold environment of minus 14 degrees, including leaders of various countries, and the whole opening ceremony will last about four to five hours.

Pingchang Olympic Games Opening Ceremony Main Stadium

In order to avoid the embarrassment of frostbite of athletes and spectators, the Organizing Committee of Pingchang announced to provide free blankets, raincoats and electric blankets for the spectators. It is expected that 160 International 'VIPs' will be given blankets thicker and larger than other audiences.

After the Winter Olympics, the opening venue will be demolished.

Highlight 5: ice and snow fashion show

The entry of athletes from all over the world can be called an ice and snow fashion show. People can see the concept and trend of winter clothing design in different countries.

The main heat source of this warm jacket in the United States is the ink fabric brushed inside the jacket. Athletes can adjust the temperature of three gears through mobile phones. There is no ceiling at the opening ceremony.

The Italian delegation's clothing continues to be designed by a well-known brand, still taking the high-end line.

Compared with the "high-tech" in the United States and the "luxury" in Italy, the clothes of the Chinese delegation are more grounded. The color is still red, yellow and white 'tomato scrambled egg' color, but the main color changes to white. The shoulder is embossed with dragon scales with Chinese elements, and the details combine the dragon shape of Chinese calligraphy with the word "winter" in the Winter Olympic Games.

In this winter Olympic Games, China's garment enterprises' going global strategy is also very successful. In several countries that have been announced, Brazilian and Slovenian clothing providers are all sponsored by a Chinese sports brand.

Point 6: what's the creativity of the five rings exhibition?

The five rings exhibition ceremony has always been the most anticipated link in the opening ceremony of the Olympic Games. Song chenghuan, the general director of the opening ceremony, previously told CCTV reporters that the five rings exhibition of the opening ceremony will be closely related to a Winter Olympic sport. What kind of project is it? It can only be announced at the opening ceremony.

At the opening ceremony of Sochi Winter Olympics, one of the five Edelweiss representing the Olympic rings was not formed, leaving a little regret.

Highlight 7: who will light the Olympic flame?

Who will light the flame and what form it will be lit? This is the ultimate suspense of the opening ceremony.

In South Korea, Kim Yeon, the torchbearer of the opening ceremony, has the highest voice in lighting the Olympic flame. Not only does she look sweet and be called the goddess of sports, but also she has made remarkable achievements in sports in her career.

The head of the Organizing Committee of the Pingchang Winter Olympics said: 'it is not known who will light the torch, but Jin Yaner will play an important role in the opening ceremony. '

As for the way of ignition, the response from the Organizing Committee of Pingchang Olympic Games is: 'please look forward to our artificial intelligence!' so, for the ignition ceremony on February 9, we should leave enough space for imagination.

Highlight 8: Chinese Legion entering

Before the opening ceremony, who can be the flag bearer and hold the five-star red flag to lead the Chinese delegation into the arena is the most concerned suspense of the Chinese people.

Zhou Yang, a short track speed skater and two time Winter Olympic champion, will be the flag bearer of the Chinese delegation at the opening ceremony of the Pingchang Winter Olympic Games.

What kind of heroic manner will Zhou Yang lead the Chinese delegation into the stadium.

Looking forward to the Winter Olympics in Pingchang

Looking forward to the wonderful performance of the Chinese Legion

① 82 athletes of the Chinese sports delegation will participate in 5 major events, 12 sub events and 55 minor events; ② short track speed skating, figure skating and freestyle skiing air skills are popular for the gold medal of the Chinese team; ③ Zhou Yang will be the flag bearer of the Chinese delegation at the opening ceremony. Today, the 23rd Winter Olympics opened in Pyeongchang, South Korea. Forward together! Cheer for Chinese athletes!

But what are the most exciting and noteworthy events? I have sorted out the events that China national team participated in and all the events that will produce medals in the Winter Olympic Games. Now set the alarm and wait for the game!