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What's the menu of your family's new year's Eve dinner in the Spring Festival of 2018? What's the ne

China has a vast territory, and the gap between the north and the west is very different. Each region has different customs, especially the customs about the Spring Festival. New year's Day is approaching, and the foodies begin to pay attention to the issue of new year's Eve meal. It's very important for every family. It's a good wish to get together and to say goodbye to the old and welcome the new. So what do people eat on New Year's Eve? Come and see.

What kind of food does Hunan's new year's Eve dinner usually eat in 2018?

Generally speaking, fish head with minced peppers is indispensable. Many people like this dish, which is home to fish and rice. There are also eight treasure fruit rice, sauce elbow, big steamed pot, five yuan steamed chicken and so on.

Is there anything special about new year's Eve dinner?

In the north, some families still need to provide a pot of rice, which was cooked before the Spring Festival and is called the next year's meal. It means that there are leftovers every year and there is no end to it. This year, they still eat the old food. The next year's rice is usually cooked by mixing rice and millet. As the Beijing saying goes, it's called "two rice rice". It's for yellow and white. It's called "gold and silver". It's full of gold and silver. Many places prepare cakes, melons and fruits when they are on guard. They want to have a lucky taste: eat dates (spring comes early), persimmons (everything goes well), almonds (happy people), peanuts (immortality), and rice cakes (year by year).

Generally, there are two things, one is hot pot, the other is fish. The hot pot is boiling, steaming, warm and provocative, indicating the red fire; the homophony of 'fish' and 'Yu' is a symbol, which is also a metaphor. There are also radishes, commonly known as vegetable head, and I wish you good luck; lobster, fried fish and other fried food, I wish you a prosperous family. Finally more for a dessert, bless the future days sweet honey, this day, even if not drink, also how much to drink.