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Han actress's domestic violence boyfriend he Najing admitted her domestic violence boyfriend live

According to Taiwan media reports, 35 year old Korean actress he Najing once performed the biography of new prostitutes, but her best-known event was to participate in the Qinglong painting appreciation in 2010. On that day, she fell in a sexy deep V dress that opened up from top to bottom, and nearly walked out. Recently, it is widely rumored on the Internet that an actress was sentenced to 8 months and suspended for 2 years for domestic violence. He Najing didn't recognize her before admitting it on the live broadcast. He also said that she met her boyfriend in Niulang shop and threw money to support each other. She was wronged and sued by the man.

Yesterday (24th), Korean media reported that an actress a was sentenced to a suspended sentence of two years by the Seoul Central District Court for allegedly beating and slandering her boyfriend B. It was learned that a drove into the man after a big quarrel last October, which led to B falling to the ground on the front cover. A was also suspected of violent means such as beating and strangulation. After B got married again, a slandered B in the chat group. After the news came out, Many netizens guessed that a was he Najing. She initially denied it and admitted it in the live broadcast yesterday.

He Najing said that he and B met at Niulang restaurant in July the year before last. Because they loved each other too much, they lived together. He Najing was paying the rent. B said he wanted to go to the mainland to learn language last year. He Najing subsidized his boyfriend's tuition and living expenses. He spent about 100 million won (about 600000 people's dollars). After the two had a dispute in the restaurant last October, B ignored him, She denied that she had injured Mr. B by driving and criticized the other party for acting in front of the police to harm her defendant. The two had separated for a year. He Najing said that she didn't care about her identity and status at that time and was in contact with Mr. B. 'now it seems that he is just a person working in Niulang shop'.