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2018, Alipay's dedication, how to grab 2018 Alipay, and get good skills.

2018, Alipay's dedication, how to grab 2018 Alipay, and get good skills.

Four seas network: Recently, Alipay officially opened the 2018 set of five welfare activities, which lacked professional dedication every year. This year is also true. All the people seem to be looking for professional dedication. Compared with last year, there were many new ways of playing together with last year, such as gesture collection, five blessing and universal blessing card. How can we collect professional dedication as soon as possible? The following editor will teach you some secret scripts to collect five blessings, and help you to collect professional blessings as soon as possible.

A tour of sweeping blessings:

1, open Alipay

2. Click Scan

3. Aiming at Fuzi

4. Automatically recognize Fuzi and obtain fuka.

Alipay 2018 universal fortune card gets the strategy: Diamond members get 3 free universal cards free of charge.

Alipay 2018 omnipotent luck card function: omnipotent lucky card can replace any one lucky card, may give the gift.

Alipay's 2018 episode five benefits activities are the same as those in previous years, but the total amount of the red envelopes rose to 500 million yuan, and the highest personal bonus reached 666 yuan. All the netizens who collect the 5-FU cards can open the Spring Festival red envelopes in the early morning of February 16.

Alipay scans every day:

Each Alipay account 2 / day.

How can Alipay sweep away the word?

Alipay scan can be written by oneself, it can be a picture of blessing word, but it must be clear. Otherwise, it won't come out.

Alipay Sau Fu channel:

This Spring Festival, parents can get the lucky card in the following ways:

1, February 6th, through Alipay AR sweep any blessing or sweep close friends' five blessing to gesture.

2. From February 8, collect gold eggs in ant manor;

3. From February 11, participate in the ant forest watering activities (either friends or hybrid trees);

4. Friends can transfer the blessing card to pass on the blessing.