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Which majors have high employment rate and make money? Ranking of the five most lacking talents

When choosing a major, students will not only combine their own interests, but also pay the most attention to the employment rate and salary level. Generally, the employment rate of the majors in short supply of talents is relatively high and the salary level is high, so which majors are most short of talents now? This article brings you a list of the five most lacking talents. Let's see if there is anything you are interested in. Ranking list of five major talents in short supply

1、 Artificial intelligence.

As the hottest major at present, it is also the 'youngest' major. Because it is a new major, there are naturally very few talents in this field. We can see that with the development of society and science and technology, artificial intelligence is the inevitable trend of development. In the future, it will involve many industries such as production, service, medical treatment and education. Obviously, there is a great lack of artificial intelligence talents who have made initial development, and they have strong advantages in salary.

2、 Software engineering.

Some people may think that China's software engineering major has been saturated. At present, there are many talents engaged in programming, but the programming technology is constantly improving. Now, in addition to Java, c#, PHP and so on, more programming technologies are emerging. At the same time, China also gradually integrates programming technology into compulsory education, and there will be a greater lack of talents in this field. Moreover, the development of information technology also has an increasing demand for programming technology. In terms of the current salary, it also has certain advantages.

3、 Big data.

Now a word we often hear in the media is big data. It can be said that big data has become an important reference data for the development of many industries, and government departments, enterprises and personal life all need the support of big data. Because big data is a new emerging thing, there are still few talents in this field.

4、 Information security major.

Due to the development of the information age, the Internet is becoming more and more popular in our life, and even the support in our life. Many of our personal information, assets and privacy exist on the Internet, which requires the protection of information security. It can be said that it is a major that must exist in our life. High end talents in this field are very popular.

5、 Cloud computing.

In fact, there are professional applications of cloud computing in our life, which also provides great convenience for our life. Information processing in the process of information development is an inevitable requirement for the existence of cloud computing specialty, and talents in this field are also very scarce.