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Ke Jie's angry microblog hot search: does the next egg show a burst? Because Xi Mengyao had a son, h

​&# 8203;&# 8203;&# 8203;&# 8203;&# 8203;&# 8203; Ke Jie, a chess player who just won the final of the 16th initiative chess cup, posted an angry query on her microblog, always searching for the forefront of entertainment news, while major social news was ignored to express her dissatisfaction.

Make complaints about the tone of Ke Jie Tucao is very angry: 'standing Buddha. Hot search two people who don't know who laid an egg and showed a burst??? Did the egg burst??? The death of so many people only shows a new In addition, he also made a hot search screenshot. The "39 bodies of British trucks are Chinese citizens" ranked No. 5 and the "death toll from a serious car accident in Shanghai increased to 5" ranked No. 12 may be what Ke Jie said about "the death of so many people".

The 'explosion' questioned by Ke Jie, from the screenshot, should refer to Xi Mengyao's son, who ranks first in the hot search. Obviously, Ke Jie is puzzled and angry that some irrelevant entertainment news has long dominated the top of the hot search list, while major livelihood events are often ignored.

Netizens also supported Ke Jie in their comments. Someone said: 'just say this to you, I will powder you all my life!' Some people also advised Cohen to make complaints about the blunt Tucao, and Cohen's arrogance responded, "I'm afraid of these sun Tsai?"

Another person gave Ke Jie an idea: 'Ke Jie, buy some hot search. Today is Ke Jie's chess cup, and his opponent won the championship! It's good for the promotion of go, really. " Ke Jie also gave a reply: 'I never bow down for this traffic!' It's really honest boy, no doubt.