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2018 Liaoning Spring Festival Gala program released the list of star guests of Liaoning Spring Festi

Spring Festival is just around the corner, and the TV galas, which are just as fierce as the Spring Festival games, are also trumpeting. The 2018 Liaoning TV Spring Festival Gala, which is exclusively titled by herbal tea leader Jia Duobao, will meet with the TV audience at 19:30 on the evening of February 14 (December 29). So what stars are there in Liaoning Spring Festival Gala? Follow Xiaobian to have a look.

Recently, the 2018 Liaoshi Spring Festival Gala revealed the most powerful star lineup of this year, and song Xiaobao and other iron comedians were on the list. In addition, this year's liaoqing Spring Festival Gala is not very common. Joker Xue, Baoqiang Wang, Na Ying and many other big brands are joining the liaosi Spring Festival gala for the first time this year. As the trump card program of Liao TV, this year's language programs account for half of the country, accounting for 10 out of 21 programs, which can be said to make the audience over indulge in comedy.

Song Xiaobao doesn't eat noodles this year. Cai Ming becomes a national 'good mother-in-law'

Song Xiaobao ate noodles at Liaoshi Spring Festival Gala the year before last, which made the legend of "horseradish mixed noodles" laugh; last year, song Xiaobao put together a lot of wine, which made the whole audience upset; this year, song Xiaobao, who did not eat noodles or drink toast kebabs, prepared for the whole point? After the relaxation of the two child policy, he decided to apply for marriage and find a wife for himself, which is a new theme Do you want to break through the classics and become the best comedy in 2018? Let's wait and see!

Comedian Cai Ming tore off the label of "poisonous tongue". Last year, he used a "car watching" to continue the warm-hearted and honest design of "elder sister Ma". He made a "horse like burden" for his wife to go home two stops to get a change for the owner. This year, the story of "elder sister Ma" took place in the home of her son's daughter-in-law. How can she resolve the relationship between Chinese mother-in-law and daughter-in-law? Will Cai Ming explode the golden sentence again this year?

Liaoshi Spring Festival Gala, driven by the spirit of innovation, focuses on the emotional expression of 'home' culture in the fashion wave of creating a literary and artistic festival. Therefore, in the star guest lineup, the combination with family as the unit is always popular with the audience. This year, there are not only father and daughter files of Pan Changjiang and Pan Yang, Gong Hanlin and Gong TianKuo, Huofeng and huozun, but also mother and son files of Yan Xuejing and Lin aofei.

Joker Xue's Spring Festival Gala "dew two hands", Baoqiang Wang carrying "brothers" group appeared in the Spring Festival Gala. This year's Liaojing Spring Festival gala will usher in many big line coffee's "virgin show". Singer Joker Xue is the first time to appear in Liaojing Spring Festival Gala. As a singer and a duet hand, what kind of performance will he bring this year? At the next 27 degrees, Joker Xue, who is fully armed, has to show his "two hands" on the Liao Dynasty Spring Festival Gala. What kind of surprise will he bring?

This year's Liaoshi Spring Festival Gala is not only the actor Wang Baoqiang's "maiden show", but also his large screen debut this year. But he didn't come here alone this year, he brought his brothers with him. As the saying goes, "brothers are united and their interests are divided into gold". When "silly root" Wang Baoqiang meets the most handsome Chen Sicheng and the old boy Xiao Yang, will there be a "Liao lost" or a square dance Divine Song? These three brothers will debut in the Liao TV Spring Festival Gala, it is said that they will bring "amazing" news. Langlang, Naying and shy48 mix and match the northeast wind

This year's Liaoshi Spring Festival Gala brought many Northeast artists back to their hometown and gathered in Shenyang. This year, Lang Lang will cross-border partner Guo Donglin, bringing an epic literary feast. And the program was also joked as the "most expensive" program by the audience, because the piano used on the scene was moved from Lang Lang's home to the scene, worth millions of Lang Lang's Royal piano. Lang Lang's hand is also the most expensive one because of heavy insurance. Both of the two most expensive ones appear on the scene of Liaoshi Spring Festival Gala, making this program the most expensive one this year.

In addition, Na Ying, a famous singer, will return to her hometown. This is the classic Teana that she joined in Liaoshi Spring Festival Gala again every two years. The Northeast local women's group shy48 will also debut in Liaoshi Spring Festival gala for the first time, showcasing the "northeast flavor" youth atmosphere. In addition to the Northeast flavor, Mr. Tan Yonglin will also come from afar, bringing Hong Kong Style performances. A mixed fashion style literary and art feast is about to open!

In addition, Feng Gong, who is good at Northeast 'Xiangyin', will also bring a new crosstalk. Chen Ming and Jiang Yuheng 'time phonograph' will bring you back to the five classics, with more mysterious surprises at the beginning. More highlights will be seen in the Spring Festival Gala on February 14!