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Exposure of the postpartum diet of Xie Na, the twin daughter of Xie Na

Recently, Xie Na gave birth to her twin daughter. Zhang jiefa's happiness on Weibo is beyond expression. She wishes this happy family well. Xie Na's post natal recovery has also become a matter of concern for many netizens. Some netizens have revealed that Xie Na, who just had a baby, did not recover easily in the first three days.

The netizen said that she spent every day in torment. Because the nurse has to constantly press her stomach to exhaust and expel lochia, she often shivers with pain, 'she screams and shivers with pain all the time. When I saw the nurse, I was afraid. I really had no strength to sweat. When Zhang Jie saw Xie Na's pain, tears would flow silently in her eyes.

On the fourth day after delivery, assistant Kaikai shared a piece of Shana's diet. Looking at the picture is vegetable congee, which shows that now Xie Na can eat, has ended the most uncomfortable stage of exhaust, and her body is slowly recovering.