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Which software app does TV Qingnian broadcast on

Which platform will Qingnian broadcast on in the future? According to the current news, "Qingnian" will be broadcast exclusively on the whole Tencent video network in November 2019.

The TV play "Qing Nian Nian" mainly tells the legendary story of a modern young fan Shen's soul crossing into the overhead era of Qingguo. From then on, he lived as fan Xian.

The play is currently under preparation and filming is about to begin. According to the news, Chen Xiao will play the male leader fan Xian. Please look forward to it! A young patient, fan Shen, by chance, crossed his soul into a completely different world and became the illegitimate son of Emperor Wu of the Qing Dynasty. He grew up in Fan Jian's house of the Shang Dynasty and was named fan Xian. When he was young, he secretly practiced unknown Kung Fu with the help of his mother Ye Qingmei's former servant wuzhu and others. After the age of 18, He stepped into the capital and became the focus of the royal marriage. He was also involved in the dispute between the princes. Good at judging the situation, he not only concealed his strength but also retreated in this dispute for seizing the legitimate rights. He is famous all over the world with his excellent ability and extraordinary talent. Because the rebellion plan between the eldest princess and the second prince went bankrupt, he had to go back to Emperor Wu to prove his loyalty.

Compared with Emperor Wu's day and night, he found the secret of his life experience - Emperor Wu's illegitimate son, and his mother's death was also done by Emperor Wu. In order to avenge his mother, he went to the opposite of Emperor Wu. Emperor Wu was forced to come down from the throne, and fan leisurely supported the third prince to become the new emperor. When everything was calm, he took his family away from the court and lived in seclusion by the sea.