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Can high-speed rail bring liquor? The latest regulations on carrying high-speed rail liquor in 2018

It's the Spring Festival festival again. For those who work outside, they always want to bring something good for their parents when they go home for the new year. Many people like to buy wine for their father. Can they bring liquor by high-speed rail? Is liquor prohibited?

I. do not take bulk liquor with high-speed rail

It is not allowed to take bulk liquor on high-speed rail. At present, the railway department has not expressly stated that it is not allowed to take liquor on the high-speed railway. Therefore, passengers can carry a certain amount of liquor, but! Bulk liquor is not allowed to be carried on board, and passengers can carry sealed bottles of liquor on board. In addition, passengers cannot carry more than 100 ml of alcohol directly. It also limits the number of bottles to 20.

II. Regulations on taking high-speed railway with liquor

Passengers are allowed to carry a limited amount of alcohol on the high-speed rail. According to the regulations: take 20 kg of free articles and 10 kg of children's articles, the total length, width and height shall not exceed 160 cm, and the number of EMUs shall not exceed 130 cm. The goods exceeding the regulations shall be consigned. It is forbidden to carry or consign dangerous goods.

The railway station can handle the transportation of drinks

For liquor, the railway station can handle liquor consignment. If you are worried about the breakage of liquor due to collision during the journey, you can handle the consignment.

The range of liquor consigned is as follows:

Including liquor, beer (including soft package beer), wine, yellow rice wine, fruit wine (if wine, brandy, whiskey, green plum wine, etc.), medicine wine and other alcoholic drinks.

Can high-speed rail bring bulk red wine?

It is not allowed to take bulk red wine with you on the high-speed rail. If you want to take red wine home, you have to change it into bottles before you can take it on the train. And be careful not to be overweight.