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How many months can a baby eat meat?

for many new mothers, there are always many problems in the process of feeding children, so be careful! Ms. Geng, who lives in Changji City, Xinjiang, has a pair of very lovely twin daughters. Recently, the family took two children to a dinner in a restaurant. Unexpectedly, this meal made Ms. Geng almost lose the two children. How does the baby girl suffocate after eating barbecue?

Ms. Geng introduced to reporters that last week the family, together with their 10-month-old two daughters, had a dinner in the barbecue shop. When we eat roasted leg of lamb, two babies also want to eat, and one baby directly reaches for it. Ms. Geng thought it was ok, so she fed them some ground mutton.

Unexpectedly, after two children ate a few mouthfuls, had the unusual reaction. Turn your eyes up, retch outside, and you may be very sleepy. Ms. Geng immediately urged the child to vomit. After the child vomited, she still had the symptom of suffocation. All of a sudden, the family was in a hurry. They picked up their children and were ready to run to the hospital.

When the uncle of the child went to block the taxi, he happened to meet the police on duty car. Mr. Geng hurriedly went up to explain the situation to the police. The police responded quickly. He quickly called his colleagues together and took the two children and their families to the nearest hospital. At that time, the situation was particularly urgent. The child had no breath in the car. The police drove through the bypass. On the premise of ensuring safety, they arrived at the hospital in the shortest time.

After arriving at the hospital, the police escorted the family to the emergency department for rescue. At present, the two children are OK.

How many months can a baby eat meat?

From when the baby starts to eat complementary food, it can start to eat meat. Traditionally, many parents add egg yolk mud to their babies first. However, experts suggest that the yolk paste should not be added too early, because eggs are allergic food. Now, many parents give their babies rice flour paste as their first supplementary food, then add vegetable puree, fruit puree, and then meat puree.

There are not many babies who eat meat for the first time, but now more and more professional organizations begin to recommend eating meat for their babies. According to the American Academy of Pediatrics, there's no reason to object to your giving your baby meat first, whether it's beef, chicken or pork. For exclusively breastfed babies, eating meat early is especially beneficial