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What are the customs of new year's Eve? Customs on New Year's Eve 2018

the Spring Festival of 2018 is coming soon. Do you want to know what the customs of new year's Eve are? Next, let's take a look at what people in ancient times do in Spring Festival. What is the custom of new year's Eve? What else do you know about it?

Setting off firecrackers on New Year's Eve

During the Spring Festival, people in ancient times would set off firecrackers. Wang Anshi's poem in the Song Dynasty: 'in the sound of firecrackers, the spring breeze warms people to kill the Soviet Union. "According to the book of miracles, there are mountain SAOS in the western mountains, but it's cold and hot to commit them. But it's afraid of bamboo popping. So people burn bamboo to drive it away.

Painting plum blossom makeup

In ancient times, the plum blossom was painted in the first month to make up for the Spring Festival. It is said that when Emperor Wu of Song Dynasty, Princess Shouyang was lying in the Hanzhang hall on a man's day. Under the eaves, the plum blossom fell on the princess's forehead, forming a kind of decoration.

New year's card

Now many people will send greeting cards and cards to celebrate the new year, which is the custom of sending business cards to celebrate the new year in ancient times. "Qingbo magazine" said: 'in the Yuan Dynasty, when celebrating the new year, servants were often used to hold famous thorns. '

Spring Festival ceremony

There are many kinds of rituals to welcome the Spring Festival. In ancient times, the most popular one is to whip spring cattle. New Year pictures of Qing Dynasty show elephants and spring cattle as companions, taking the meaning of "everything is renewed".

Sky lantern

In ancient times, Chinese New Year celebrations continued until the 15th day of the first month of the year, when they would light the sky lamp to pray on the first full moon night of the year. Su Wei's poem "the 15th day and night of the first month": "the fire trees and silver flowers are together, and the star bridge is locked.". Dark dust follows horses, and the moon follows people. All the tricks are thick, and all the songs fall. I can't help but cry at night. 'become a classic work of Yuanxiao poetry.